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The IoA will be hosting a conference "The Planet-Disc Connection" from July 17-21 2006. Further information will be made available at this website. Please address enquiries to

Conference Proceedings now available

IoA Conference 2006: The Planet-Disc Connection

Observations of the later evolutionary stages of discs around young stars offer the best opportunity to study planet formation from an observational perspective. Localised clearing of dust and gas in discs can be inferred from a variety of imaging/spectroscopic diagnostics and is often interpreted as evidence for planet formation; alternatively, such clearing results from some other process which needs to be taken into account when assessing the environment in which planets form.

A number of recent observational and theoretical developments make it particularly timely to hold a meeting on this subject in 2006. For example, mid IR photometry from Spitzer is proving crucial in defining the population of discs showing evidence for clearing from the inside-out, while coronagraphic imaging from HST is revealing complex structure in debris discs which may point to the presence of planets. At the same time, a wealth of multi-wavelength spectroscopic and photometric data can be assembled to address important issues such as the timescales for disc clearing, the spatial sequence of clearing and the whether dust and gas are dispersed together.

We will bring together observers to review what can be inferred from the recent data and theorists to report on advances in modeling disc clearing by planet formation and other mechanisms. We will also look forward to future facilities (such as ALMA and planned interferometric arrays in the optical) in order to assess the prospects for detecting unambiguous signatures of ongoing planet formation during the next decade.

Final Announcement

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Final Programme

Scientific Highlights

Scientific Programme

We are planning sessions on the following themes:
  • Disc lifetime as function of stellar mass and environment
  • Clues to disc clearing from Spectral Energy Distributions
  • Disc dispersal mechanisms
  • Planet formation in evolving discs
  • Planet-disc interaction and migration
  • Disc mineralogy as diagnostic of grain growth
  • Prospects for detection of protoplanets
  • Debris discs (observations and theory)
Keynote speakers include: Richard Alexander (Colorado), Phil Armitage (Colorado), Jeroen Bouwman (Heidelberg), Nuria Calvet (Michigan), Jane Greaves (St Andrews), Scott Kenyon (CfA), Lee Hartmann (Michigan), David Hollenbach (NASA Ames), Steve Lubow (STScI), Doug Lin (UCSC), Michael Meyer (Arizona), Antonella Natta (Arcetri), Richard Nelson (QMUL), Kenneth Wood (St Andrews), Sebastien Wolf (Heidelberg), Mark Wyatt (Cambridge).

There will be time in each session for contributed talks (duration 20 minutes). In addition, the programme will allow ample time for poster viewing plus an opportunity for each poster author to give a 2 minute summary of their poster in one of the sessions.

Social Programme and Accommodation

Wednesday afternoon is free of talks in order to allow participants to explore the ancient city of Cambridge - renting a punt on the river Cam is usually a popular activity during IOA summer conferences. The conference dinner will be held in the Hall of Trinity College on the evening of Wednesday 19th July. Lunches (price included in the registration fee) are provided under a marquee in the grounds of the IOA. In addition to a Welcome Reception, wine will be provided during poster viewing sessions.

The IOA is block booking a set of rooms in nearby Fitzwilliam College. PARTICIPANTS SHOULD REGISTER BOOKINGS FOR COLLEGE ACCOMMODATION VIA REGISTRATION, where further details can be found. Alternatively, participants may prefer to organise their own accommodation, for which purpose an accommodation list is available.

For further information on costs go to the registration page


Cathie Clarke (IOA)
Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden)
Jane Greaves (St Andrews)
Lee Hartmann (CfA)
David Hollenbach (NASA Ames)
Doug Lin (UCSC)
Michael Meyer (Arizona)
Jim Pringle (IOA)
Sebastian Wolf (Heidelberg)


Paul Aslin
Suzanne Aigrain
Andy Batey
Cathie Clarke
Giuseppe Lodato
Judith Moss
Richard Sword
Mark Wyatt