Sunday 6th September

18.00-19.30    Welcome reception at the Master's Lodge, Trinity College

Monday 7th September

Session 1: Basic physics / simulations
09.20-09.30    Welcome
09.30-10.00    Omer Blaes (UCSB) — The vertical structure of radiation dominated accretion disks
10.00-10.30    Jim Stone (Princeton) — New shearing box simulations of the MRI: stratified disks in large domains
10.30-11.00    Anders Johansen (Leiden) — Computer simulations of the Parker instability in strongly magnetised Keplerian discs
11.00-11.30    Coffee
11.30-12.00    Geoffroy Lesur (DAMTP) — The effect of non ideal MHD on MRI induced turbulent transport in accretion discs
12.00-12.30    Mario Livio (STScI) — Observations of astrophysical jets and their implications for theoretical models

12.30-12.45    Conference photograph
12.45-14.00    Lunch at Churchill College (name badges must be worn in college)
Session 2: High energy
14.00-14.30    Rob Fender (Southampton) — Observational contraints on the spin-powering of black hole jets
14.30-15.00    Giuseppe Lodato (Milan) — The evolution of circumbinary discs around a SMBH binary
15.00-15.30    Chris Fragile (Charleston) — Numerical simulations of tilted black-hole accretion disks
15.30-16.00    Tea
16.00-16.30    Elena Rossi (Jerusalem) — Black Hole Binary merger: the first light
16.30-17.00    Serguei Komissarov (Leeds) — Gamma ray bursts from close binary progenitors
17.00-17.30    Discussion

19.00-19.30    Pre-dinner drinks
19.30-     Conference dinner (menu)in The Old Hall, Queens' College

Tuesday 8th September

Session 3: Black hole
09.30-10.00    Steve Lubow (STScI) — Further Analysis of the Superhump Instability
10.00-10.30    Christine Done (Durham) — X-ray variability of the accretion flow
10.30-11.00    Jonathan McKinney (Stanford) — Measuring black hole spin in X-ray binaries
11.00-11.30    Coffee
11.30-12.00    Kris Beckwith (IoA) — The Role of Magnetic Field Topology in Black Hole Accretion Flows: Disk Structure, Jet Launching and Poloidal Flux Transport
12.00-12.30    Ian Bonnell (St. Andrews) — Galactic centre star formation

12.45-14.00    Lunch at Churchill College (name badges must be worn in college)
Session 4: Proto-planetary / star formation
14.00-14.30    Roman Rafikov (Princeton) — Gravitoturbulent accretion disks
14.30-15.00    Matthew Bate (Exeter) — Radiation hydrodynamical simulations of a protoplanet embedded in a circumstellar disc
15.00-15.30    Richard Alexander (Leiden) — Giant planet migration, disc evolution, and the origin of transitional discs
15.30-16.00    Tea
16.00-16.30    Thomas Robitaille (CfA) — Large-scale SED modeling of Young Stellar Objects
16.30-17.00    Clare Dobbs (Exeter) — Spiral galaxy simulations/Star formation rates in galaxies
17.00-17.30    Discussion