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The IoA will be hosting a conference "Angular Momentum Transport and Energy Release in Accretion Discs" from 7-8 September 2009. Further information will be made available on this website. Registration Enquiries should be addressed to disc09@ast.cam.ac.uk.

IoA Conference 2009: Angular Momentum Transport and Energy Release in Accretion Discs

The aim of this conference is to bring together an outstanding group of young researchers to discuss theoretical and observational progress toward understanding accretion disc physics in Young Stellar Objects, compact binaries, and galactic nuclei. Recent years have seen significant progress toward solutions to the most notorious problems in disc physics - what is the origin of angular momentum transport, and where and in what form energy release occurs - but much more remains to be done to meaningfully connect the basic theories of transport and release in discs to either classical disc models or to observations. The scientific focus of the conference will be on the steps needed to make those connections. Participants will present the latest results on the theoretical modelling and observational study of disc systems, and of angular momentum transport and energy release within them, and will consider the most important open questions for the future, and how they might be addressed via a combination of new observations, better theoretical models, and higher fidelity numerical simulations.

Scientific Programme

To facilitate an informal and forward-looking atmosphere the format will comprise almost entirely of invited (but not review) talks, including plenty of time for discussion, and poster contributions are encouraged from all participants.

Invited speakers: Richard Alexander (Leiden), Matthew Bate (Exeter), Kris Beckwith (IoA), Omer Blaes (UCSB), Ian Bonnell (St. Andrews), Clare Dobbs (Exeter), Christine Done (Durham), Rob Fender (Southampton), Chris Fragile (Charleston), Anders Johansen (Leiden), Geoffroy Lesur (DAMTP), Mario Livio (STScI), Giuseppe Lodato (Milan), Steve Lubow (STScI), Serguei Komissarov (Leeds), Jonathan McKinney (Stanford), Roman Rafikov (Princeton), Thomas Robitaille (CfA), Elena Rossi (Jerusalem), Jim Stone (Princeton).

Social Programme and Accommodation

A pre-conference drinks reception will be hosted at the Master's Lodge, Trinity College at 6-7:30 in the evening of Sunday 6 September.

The conference dinner will be in the Old Hall, Queens' College on Monday 7 September.

Lunches on Monday and Tuesday will be provided at Churchill College, which is next door to the the IoA.

The IoA has block booked a set of rooms in nearby St Edmund's College. Participants should register bookings for college accommodation via the registration page, where further details can be found. Alternatively, participants may prefer to organise their own accommodation.

For further information on costs go to the registration page.


Phil Armitage (Colorado)
Rob Kennicutt (IoA)
Priya Natarajan (Yale)
Gordon Ogilvie (DAMTP/IoA)
Jim Pringle (IoA)
Mark Wyatt (IoA)


Paul Aslin
Andy Batey
Jeannette Gilbert
Hardip Sanghera
Amanda Smith
Mark Wyatt