IAU XXVII General Assembly, Special Session 8

Rio de Janeiro, 11-14 August 2009

The Spitzer Space Telescope's broad infrared view of our Milky Way Galaxy.
Spitzer's Milky Way
Credit: GLIMPSE, MIPSGAL, NASA, JPL-Caltech, Univ. Wisconsin


20090911: Session will be held in Room R2.7

20090909: We plan to upload speaker presentations to this website - if you wish your talk to be made available here please email your talk to naw@ast.cam.ac.uk

20090809: Final Update on poster pitch sessions - with final running order

20090731: Update on papers for the proceedings - deadline end of conference 14 August 2009

The first digital astronomical surveys focussed on the exploration of the sky away from the crowded Galactic Plane. But now, increased computing power has made it possible to take on comprehensive surveying of the Galactic Plane even at high spatial resolution and down to faint magnitude limits. By 2009 a number of ambitious wide-area surveys sampling high energies, optical wavelengths, the infrared, sub-millimetre and radio ranges will be complete, in process, or about to begin. The goals of these surveys are as broad as Galactic science itself, but are mainly focused either on solving key problems in star formation and stellar evolution, or on mapping the complex substructures of the Galactic bulge and disk in order to see more clearly how the whole is constructed. Both styles of science are important in their own right and can also be seen as complementary to the study of the Milky Way as a worked example in galaxy evolution.

This Speclal Session will bring together researchers directly involved in the many surveys, along with specialists in the observations and modelling of the ISM, stellar evolution, star clusters and the structure of our Galaxy.