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Fifth Gaia-ESO Data Release: the Catalogue with the Astrophysical Parameters for ~115,000 Stars

Published on 24/05/2022 

ESO has now released the very major results from the Gaia-ESO survey. This 10+-year effort has been co-led by Cambridge (Gerry Gilmore) and Arcetri (Sofia Randich), with substantial support from a dedicated IoA team and CASU. The Cambridge Project Office included Clare Worley, Anna Hourihane and Anais Gonneau, with additional support in IoA over the years from Jim Lewis, Sergey Kosopov, Mike Irwin, Eduardo Gonzalez Solares, Maria Bergemann, Andy Casey, Keith Hawkins, Karin Lind, Paula Jofre, Thomas Masseron, George Kordopatis, and David Murphy.

The DR5.0 release includes all the astrophysical parameters derived by the Gaia-ESO consortium for 114,324 stars. In detail the catalogue provides:

  • the radial and projected rotational velocities,
  • stellar parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity and metallicity),
  • abundances of several elements,
  • specific parameters for tracing accretion and activity in young stars,
  • for the targets of the cluster fields the cluster probability membership is provided, calculated combining Gaia-ESO radial velocities with astrometry from Gaia EDR3 release (Jackson et al, 2022).

More information about the release content can be found in the accompanying documentation. The fifth data release from the Gaia-ESO survey is now available on the ESO archive, and it is accessible to the community via the ESO Catalogue Facilityprogrammatically, and via the Science Portal (specifically the catalogue preview gives you instantaneous access to the histograms of all the catalogues columns).

The Gaia ESO science catalogue published in the DR5.0 has been produced by the PIs and their collaborators, including CASU. The figure above shows the radial metallicity distribution traced by the open star clusters included in the Gaia-ESO sample. Symbols are colour coded by age.

Text adapted from an ESO press release


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