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2019 Pilkington Prize awarded to Dr Nikku Madhusudhan

Published on 26/06/2019 

We are pleased to announce that Dr Nikku Madhusudhan is a recipient of the 2019 Pilkington Prize.

The Pilkington Prize awards were established by Sir Alastair Pilkington to acknowledge excellence in teaching. He believed passionately that the quality of the teaching was a crucial part of the University’s ability to continue to attract undergraduates of the highest calibre and took it upon himself to see that this was recognised. Largely as a result of his efforts, and supported by a personal donation, the Pilkington Prizes Fund was created in July 1992 and the first prizes were awarded in 1994.

Dr Madhusudhan is recognised for his innovative and passionate lectures and for going beyond the call for duty in helping students in various ways. At the Institute of Astronomy, he introduced a novel intensive course on the theory of extrasolar planets: a particularly challenging course to develop because it covers a broad range of topics in a new and fast-moving field, beyond the reach of standard textbooks, and had no precedent at Cambridge or elsewhere. Nevertheless, he used a combination of latest research literature, innovative pedagogical techniques, web-based tools and his engaging lecturing style to create a very successful course receiving excellent student reviews.

More importantly, student responses reveal that Dr Madhusudhan’s deep dedication to teaching extends well beyond the classroom, spanning extra supervisions and lectures, career guidance and special considerations for inclusive teaching. His dedication in teaching has received outstanding reviews internationally. Dr Madhusudhan’s overall excellence in teaching makes him truly deserving of the Pilkington Prize.

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