Institute of Astronomy

Potential Supervisors and their Research Interests

At the Institute of Astronomy we do not allocate PhD projects, or link students to supervisors in advance, except for Overseas and EU applicants who require a confirmed project in order to apply for certain scholarships and University funding.

Home and EU students [resident in the UK], who are interviewed, will receive guidance concerning the research areas we can offer when they attend for interview. Much of the first term of the PhD is devoted to talking to potential supervisors and exploring the wide range of possible projects on offer.

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The following is a list of links to the members of staff expected to be available as supervisors for students beginning PhDs in 2020. Exploring recent papers with the individuals as authors on the NASA ADS website will give an insight into current research interests.

Dr Matt Auger

Professor Vasily Belokurov

Professor Anthony Challinor

Professor Cathie Clarke

Professor Wyn Evans

Professor A C Fabian

Dr Anastasia Fialkov

Professor Gerry Gilmore

Dr Steven Gratton

Professor Martin Haehnelt

Dr Nikku Madhusudhan

Dr Kaisey Mandel

Professor Richard McMahon

Dr Ian Parry

Professor Chris Reynolds

Dr Jason Sanders

Dr Ollie Shorttle

Dr Debora Sijacki

Professor Chris Tout

Dr Nicholas Walton

Professor Mark Wyatt






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