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CASU INT new web pages changes

Browser Compatibility

The new pages use PHP, HTML 4.01 and CSS2. These elements are not correctly rendered by old browsers (these are Netscape 4.x, Internet Explorer 5.x and text based browsers as lynx & elinks). These old browsers will display a simplified page style, without loss of content.


The classic left menu has been removed and replaced by a javascript toolbar. Please use this toolbar to access the different sections. When placing the mouse pointer over one of the tabs a menu displaying more subtopics will appear. This is the default style. If you prefer a classic menu at your left, change your style in the top right corner of the pages.

Content changes

The content has been updated, keeping a similar design as in the old pages. The more important changes are reflected in the What's New page.


We have incorporated a F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions) as well as a Search Site page which uses Google API to seach this web. Of course, if you cannot find the answer to your question you can drop us an email.