Michele Trenti's Research II: Globular Cluster Dynamics

  • A nice review on n-body simulations: Michele Trenti and Piet Hut (2008) N-body simulations. Scholarpedia, 3(5):3930

  • I am currently working on Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters: Key Photometric Fingerprints and N-body modeling of globular clusters: detecting intermediate-mass black holes by non-equipartition in HST proper motions. Papers associated to this project are:
    Widespread Presence of Shallow Cusps in the Surface-brightness Profile of Globular Clusters Vesperini & Trenti, 2010, ApJL 720, 179
    The Dynamical State of the Globular Cluster M10 (NGC 6254) Beccari et al. 2010, ApJ, 713, 194
    Tidal Disruption, Global Mass Function, and Structural Parameter Evolution in Star Clusters Trenti et al. 2010, ApJ, 708, 1598
    Mass Segregation in NGC 2298: Limits on the Presence of an Intermediate Mass Black Hole Pasquato, Trenti et al. 2009, ApJ, 699, 1511
    Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Induced Quenching of Mass Segregation in Star Clusters Gill, Trenti et al. 2008, 686, 303

  • With my interest in galaxy evolution, a project on globular clusters during galaxy harassment was just too tempting:
    Star Clusters in Pseudobulges of Spiral Galaxies Di Nino, Trenti et al. 2009, AJ, 138, 1296

  • Past completed projects focused on the dynamical evolution of star clusters with primordial binaries and intermediate mass black holes:
    Star clusters with primordial binaries - I. Dynamical evolution of isolated models, Heggie, Trenti & Hut 2006, MNRAS, 368, 677
    Star clusters with primordial binaries - II. Dynamical evolution of models in a tidal field , Trenti, Heggie & Hut 2007, MNRAS, 374, 344
    Star clusters with primordial binaries - III. Dynamical interaction between binaries and an intermediate-mass black hole , Trenti, Ardi, Mineshige, Hut 2007, 374, 857
    Predictions for Triple Stars and Pulsar Triples in Star Clusters , Trenti, Ransom, Hut & Heggie 2008, MNRAS, 387, 815

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