Public Talks

My main public talk is entitled "Cosmology after the first 5 minutes". Once the first moments of physics madness have passed, the history of our Universe is driven by the familiar concepts of temperature and gravity. But it is far from uneventful! The Universe has gone through multiple epochs from its featureless, pure gas beginnings to the present day. Have you ever wondered when the first star formed? What was it like? When did the Universe first become transparent and what caused it? How did galaxies acquire the spiral shapes we see today? When and how could planets start to assemble? Movies obtained from the latest cosmological simulations will illustrate these stages of the life of the Universe, in a tour of our cosmic history.

I have given talks on other topics too, usually more focussed on a particular aspect of cosmic history or the way it has been investigated. Some examples could be:
"Dark matter: it's definitely real and here is why"
"How supermassive black holes and galaxies have evolved hand in hand throughout the ages"
"Simulating the Universe on supercomputers (with many pretty movies)"
"The birth, lives and death of galaxies"
"The limits of the observable: a tour of the most distant objects in the Universe"

Past Talks

Repository of cosmological simulations included in the talk: repository
Please check copyrights if you want to re-use!

Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, Wednesdays Open Evening - Slides
Cambridge University Astronomical Society, October 25th, 2016 - Slides
Ely Astronomy Club, December 2d, 2016 - Slides
Cambridge Astronomical Association, January 20th, 2017 - Slides
Norwich Astronomical Society, April 7th, 2017 - Slides (no online links)
LYRA: Lowesoft Regional Astronomers, July 11th, 2017
Saffron Walden Rotary Club, October 11th, 2017

Other outreach

I have given talks for school children of a wide age range and I am involved in various PR projects for cosmology and astronomy in general. Don't hesitate to contact me!
For example,

I gave an interview to Tales Magazine (pages 98-103)
Telescope tours for amateur astronomer societies, such as the Flamsteed Astronomical Society
I do school visits across London and the UK.