Staff associated with PPARC Theoretical and Observational Rolling Grants:

S. J. Aarseth
R. F. Carswell
C. J. Clarke
G. P. Efstathiou
N. W. Evans
G. Gilmore
M. Haehnelt
P. C. Hewett
R. C. Kennicutt
L. J. King
A. Lewis
C. D. Mackay
R. G. McMahon
I. R. Parry
M. Pettini
J. E. Pringle
M. J. Rees
W. J. Sutherland
C. A. Tout
N. Trentham
N. A. Walton

Research topics covered by the theory grant include:

Accretion disc variability
Evolution of disc warps
Feedback in massive star formation simulations
Binary star population synthesis
Near field cosmology with dwarf spheroidals
Formation of intermediate mass black holes in dense star clusters
The build up of supermassive black holes in hierarchically merging galaxies
Gamma ray bursts
Constraining dark matter from the Lyman alpha forest
Theoretical interpretation of Planck and other CMB experiments

Research topics covered by the observational grant includes:

Galaxy evolution at low and high redshifts
Very high redshift quasars, galaxy hosts and the epoch of reionization
Testing cosmological models
Interstellar and intergalactic medium at high redshifts
Star formation in galaxies
Chemical abundances and evolution of galaxies
Dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Star clusters of the local group
Microlensing, transients, GAIA and Eddington
Massive stellar evolution
Brown dwarfs, initial mass function, star formation