Katherine J. Mack

STFC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge / Institute of Astronomy

PhD (Astrophysics) (2009), Princeton University
BS (Physics) (2003), California Institute of Technology

Curriculum Vitae: pdf

Campus Information:
Office: KICC 35

Phone: +44 (0)1223 760798

E-mail: mack (...) ast.cam.ac.uk

Mailing Address:
Institute of Astronomy
University of Cambridge
Madingley Road
United Kingdom

I am currently holding a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the STFC at the University of Cambridge in the Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge, part of the Institute of Astronomy. I received my PhD in astrophysics at Princeton University and my undergraduate degree in physics at Caltech.

In October 2012, I will be moving to the Astrophysics Research Group at the University of Melbourne to take up a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award research fellowship on the topic: "Dark matter particle physics and the first sources of light in the universe."

My research has mainly been in particle physics, cosmology and theoretical astrophysics. My PhD thesis was on connections between early universe theory and astronomical observation with Professor Paul Steinhardt.

My current interests include early universe physics, dark matter, the epoch of reionization, big bang relics, compact objects, and supermassive black holes. The unifying goal in all my work is to find ways to use observational cosmology to better understand the fundamental physical nature of the components and evolution of the universe.

You can also find me on Twitter (@AstroKatie) where I occasionally share thoughts on astrophysics, science popularization, and other personal musings. (Disclaimer: Views expressed on Twitter are mine alone and not endorsed by any other person or institution.)

Search my publications on SPIRES, ADS or astro-ph, or read brief summaries on my publications page.

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