My Research Interests

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    Current Research

  • Extreme mass ratio inspirals - source modelling and data analysis algorithms for detecting these with LISA
  • Phd Thesis - 'Generalised Tolman-Bondi Cosmologies and Kerr Metric Atoms' approved 22/09/05, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Solution of Dirac's equation for a Massless Kerr-Newman Black Hole
  • Spherically Symmetric Cosmologies with Tangential Pressure

    Other Projects

  • As part of the Part III maths course, I wrote an essay on the evolution of eccentricity in X-ray binaries, which is available as a word document - xrayecc.doc.
  • I would like to do some work on anisotropic cosmologies and in particular fitting these models to current data. Recent work has indicated that even if the Universe is very nearly FRW at the current epoch, it need not have been in the past or indeed to the future. This calls into question the current models of the early universe. In fact most cosmological data is analysed by assuming an FRW geometry and then constraining other factors, such as the evolution of sources, the dark energy etc. using these models. I would like to do some work on understanding how non FRW models could fit the current data sets. The ultimate aim would be to find ways to constrain the geometry as well as the content of the universe with minimal assumptions.

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