Various Websites that I find Interesting or Useful

Astrophysics Links

  • Los Alamos preprint archive (UK mirror) - preprints of many astronomical papers.
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity - the IOP's gravitational physics journal.
  • Physical Review D - the APS's gravitational physics journal.
  • The IoA- the homepage of my department.
  • Astronomy Picture Of the Day

    Links for Cambridge

  • St. Catharine's College- the homepage of my college
  • Catz MCR- the homepage of the college Middle Combination Room (graduate society), of which I was the president in 2001-2002.
  • University of Cambridge- the University's homepage.


  • Vue Cinemas- find out what is on at the cinema in Cambridge tonight.

    Other Interesting Sites

  • The Pi Pages- find out all you wanted to know about our favourite irrational number.
  • Metamath- the Metamath homepage.
  • The Softback Preview- the book club of which I am a member. Join for great savings on all sorts of books.


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