The Dark Side of the Wombat
The Dark Side of the Wombat

  1. Hotel California (DJM, original by The Eagles)
  2. The Scientist (HVP, original by Coldplay)
  3. Learning to Fly (DJM+HVP, original by Pink Floyd)
  4. Endlessly (HVP, original by Muse)
  5. Wish You Were Here (DJM+HVP, original by Pink Floyd)
  6. Hey You (DJM+HVP, original by Pink Floyd)
  7. Comfortably Numb v2.0 (DJM+HVP, original by Pink Floyd)

Here is a collection of songs created by Hiranya Peiris and Daniel Mortlock, using GarageBand in Mac OS X (clearly a contender for the most fun software ever!). On these tracks, Daniel plays guitar and does vocals, while Hiranya plays piano and synthesizer, mixes tracks, and occasionally attempts to sing. The "musicians" are on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so the entire effort is made possible by the easy exchange of GarageBand files; we have good precedent here since "The Wall" was also a transatlantic collaboration. While we are under no illusions of aspiring to the dizzy heights of that achievement, we can probably say we've had at least as much fun creating these tracks!

Neither of us is a fan of creating music using "canned" material - everything on here has been played on an instrument by one of us, except for the drum tracks on Endlessly and Wish You Were Here which come courtesy of Apple Loops. We've used a Fender Strat, a Hohner GT-3 (a licensed Steinberger copy with no headstock, double ball-ended strings and a decidedly '80s look), a Roland HP101 digital piano, an acoustic guitar (DJM: "embarrassingly, a Kimbara - I've never heard of the brand before or since, but there you have it..."), an M-Audio Keystation (which doubles as a basic drum machine), and the plethora of fantastic instrumental voices available on GarageBand, for the creation of these tracks.

The tracks are in chronological order. Its been a while since I've updated this page - we have a bunch of tracks in various states of progress, being hampered from completion due to our day jobs and too much travel... but I feel there is a significant improvement between our first fumblings and the latest. Its truly amazing what can be done with a little talent, some obsession, and a good piece of software (thanks Apple!). So enjoy these offerings (preferably through headphones!). By the way, we just do this for our own amusement in our very limited free time, so please don't bruise our fragile egos by sending criticisms - though lavish praise will of course be welcome!

© Hiranya Peiris and Daniel Mortlock, 2005-2006