My desk


Hello, I'm Christopher Berry, and I was PhD student at the Institute of Astronomy as part of the Gravity Group. I have recently become a post-doctoral research fellow with the Gravitational Wave Group at the University of Birmingham. My new homepage is here. I am a theoretical physicist, and spend most of my time studying gravity.

My supervisor Jonathan Gair and I are particularly interested in what we can learn from gravitational waves. To find out a little more, have a look at my research page.

I did my undergraduate study here in Cambridge, at Churchill College. I am still involved in college life, and supervise Churchill undergrads.

More information can be found at my department homepage. If you have more questions, please get in touch; if you have a more general question about astrophysics, you may like to submit a question to Ask an Astronomer, to which I contribute the odd answer.

Together with others in the Gravity Group, I have designed a webpage for producing cartoon gravitational wave sensitivity curves, which may be useful if you want a good-looking plot showing the spectrum of gravitational wave detectors and sources.