About Me

I am a PhD student working at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge with Nikku Madhusudhan. I am also associated with Murray Edwards College. My research interests surround exoplanet detection and characterisation. My current projects involve studying exoplanet atmospheres and characterising them using Hubble Space Telescope data. In my early projects I have been working with hot line lists and the exomol group data to generate high resolution cross section data for exoplanet classification.

I work mostly with IDL and C++ and develop tookits and pipelines for the reduction of datasets. Primarily I am working on a reduction toolkit for HST spatial scan mode data.

Previous to my PhD I studied Physics with Astronomy at the University of Birmingham and achieved a first class masters degree. My course work at Birmingham was focused mainly on data analysis with the Kepler mission and asteroseismology. Here I worked with the BISON group and study asteroseismic signatures, particularly in red giants, and possibility of looking for binary stars using asteroseismic signatures. I was also lucky enough to be selected for an REU position at LASP in Colorado Boulder in the summer of 2012 where I worked with Dr. Savita Mathur learning to develop pipelines for the detection and analysis of asteroseismic signatures in Kepler data.

I also have a blog which you can find here which includes updates on neat things I've found during my PhD and code snippets for people to use such as new IDL color tables which are a little more snazzy than the given ones.