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Me, Myself and I.

I've played acoustic guitar since I was about 8 and piano since a few years before that. I went onto electric guitar at about 13 but only did it for a couple of years until I'd gained my grade 8. I stopped playing then for about 5 years, until I went to university when in my second year I bought a new (poor quality) acoustic guitar. It had a terrible sound because it had a fibreglass back, and I never changed the strings, so it gathered dust until I came to Cambridge.

I now own a Tanglewood TW150 AS-CE-LH (I believe the suffixes stand for Electro-Acoustic, Cutaway Edition, Left-Handed. I also own a M-audio Keystation Pro 88, a Line 6 Toneport UX2 and a box full of tangled cables. I recently upgraded my guitar to a Crafter GAE-33L, which has a lovely sweet sound. I usually record the guitar through the Toneport then play in synthesiser lines using the keyboard into Reason. Annoyingly you can't record audio into Reason (update, now you can) so I have to use Cubase for the guitar and then use Reason to export the synth lines into Cubase then mix it down into wave files and mp3s. I made the videos using Adobe Premiere (such a cool program!) by playing about with it. It's actually a hugely powerful video mastering tool, but I only use it at the very elementary level to hash a few videos taken with my phone. I don't take these seriously, but a few people say they like them, so that's a bonus I suppose!

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