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About Me

I am a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge. I am interested in planets, debris discs, dust, comets, asteroids and the formation of Earth, with a particular focus on the structure and evolution of planetary systems.

Previous postdocs include IPAG, Grenoble and the University of Bristol. My PhD on 'The Post-main sequence Evolution of Planetary Systems' was at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, supervised by Dr. Mark Wyatt. I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2007, with a Masters of Physics.

Current PhD students

Laura Rogers Variability in Astrophysical Sources

John Harrison The Chemical Diversity of Exo-planetary Systems derived from White Dwarf Pollution

Current Master's students

Krishan Sareen, Gaseous Emission Around White Dwarfs

Tom Callingham, The Circularisation of Sphaghettified Asteroids

Former Master's students

John Harrison, The Chemical Diversity of Rocky Super-Earths