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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Modelling the circumstellar medium in RS Oph and its connection to the progenitors of Type Ia supernovae Richard Booth (Oxford -> IoA) 19 November 2014
A First Look at the Interior Structure of Massive High-Redshift Galaxies using Strong Gravitational Lensing Adam Muzzin (Leiden -> IoA) 19 November 2014
Encounters between young stars and protoplanetary disc evolution [CANCELLED] Giovanni Rosotti (LMU/USM -> IoA) 12 November 2014
CMB Lensing Tomography with the Dark Energy Survey and the South Pole Telescope Tommaso Giannantonio (LMU/USM -> IoA) 12 November 2014
The Formation and Baryon Cycle of Field Dwarf Galaxies in Cosmological Zoom-in Simulations Sijing Shen (UCSC -> IoA) 5 November 2014
Dynamics of the Milky Way Jason Sanders (Oxford -> IoA) 5 November 2014
Where to spot the pressure smoothing of the IGM Girish Kulkarni (MPIA -> IoA) 29 October 2014
Unveiling the Key Aspects that Drive AGN Jet Kinematics Ashley King (Michigan -> IoA) 29 October 2014
The quest for a representative picture of local supermassive black hole accretion Ranjan Vasudevan (Maryland -> IoA) 22 October 2014
Measuring the Filtering Scale of the Intergalactic Medium with Close Quasar Pairs Alberto Rorai (MPIA -> IoA) 22 October 2014
High-resolution 3D dust radiative transfer model of the grand-design spiral galaxy M51 Ilse de Looze (Ghent/IoA) 15 October 2014
Broad-Line Radio Galaxies in the NuSTAR Era Anne Lohfink (Maryland -> IoA) 15 October 2014
Coevolution of black holes and their host galaxies (?) Debora Sijacki (IoA) 8 October 2014
The Mass of the Milky Way Galaxy Wyn Evans (IoA) 8 October 2014
The Magellanic Stream - A Tail of Two Galaxies Andrew Fox, STScI 17 September 2014
Exploring the physical properties of distant galaxies Stephen Wilkins, University of Sussex 6 August 2014
Primordial power spectrum from Planck Dhiraj Kumar Hazra (APCTP) 6 August 2014
Spatially-Resolved Recent Star Formation History of M31's Disk Alexia Lewis (UW) 23 July 2014
Towards a physical model for the multi-scale nature of galactic star formation Diederik Kruijssen (MPA) 23 July 2014
Resonant Clumping and Substructure in Galaxy Disks Matthew Molloy (KIAA/PKU) 16 July 2014
The power of the astrophysical transients and the Gaia Revolution Łukasz Wyrzykowski (UoWarsaw/IoA) 16 July 2014
Internal dynamics of globular clusters Laura Watkins (STScI) 9 July 2014
New chemo-dynamical properties of dwarf spheroidal galaxies in the Milky Way and Andromeda Kohei Hayashi (Tohoku University Astronomical Institute) 9 July 2014
The evolution of early-type galaxies: a strong lensing perspective Alessandro Sonnenfeld (UCSB) 18 June 2014
Exploring M33 across spatial scales using multiwavelength data Nimisha Kumari (University of Paris) 18 June 2014
Probing early-universe phase transitions with the CMB blackbody spectrum Mustafa Amin (IoA/KICC) 11 June 2014
X-ray observations of the outskirts of galaxy clusters Stephen Walker (IoA) 11 June 2014
Relativistic effects in large-scale structure Camille Bonvin (IoA/KICC/DAMTP) 4 June 2014
RR Lyrae as probes of structure in the southern galactic halo Gabriel Torrealba (IoA) 4 June 2014
Tidal Disruptions By Stellar-Mass Black Holes Sverre Aarseth (IoA) 28 May 2014