Institute of Astronomy

Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
ING's plans for the William Herschel Telescope Marc Balcells (Director, ING) 8 March 2010
Star clusters and galaxies, a common origin? Mark Gieles (IoA) 3 March 2010
Field Notes Matthew Applegate (digital composer Pixelh8, IoA) 24 February 2010
High Contrast Studies of Nearby Stars with Project 1640 Neil Zimmerman (AMNH) 17 February 2010
Comparative Exoplanetary Science Ben Oppenheimer (AMNH) 17 February 2010
Astronomy by any other name: a short discussion on astronomical ideas and endangered languages Melanie Challenger (IoA artist in residence) 10 February 2010
Gas and dust in the Local Group galaxies and beyond Mikako Matsuura (UCL) 10 February 2010
Dusty Quasar Absorbers and GRBs Jonathan Budzynski (IoA) 3 February 2010
From the Micro to the Macro: The Paintings of Mark Francis Mark Francis (IoA Artist in Residence) 3 February 2010
Ecology of galaxy stellar populations in the local Universe Anna Gallazzi (MPIA Heidelberg) 27 January 2010
Tracing the Star-Formation Density Relation to High Redshift Ryan Quadri (Leiden) 27 January 2010
Dwarf galaxies: Nature and Nurture Till Sawala (MPA) 20 January 2010
Massive stars and the dynamics of very young star clusters Nickolas Moeckel (IoA) 13 January 2010
Title Speaker Date
Survey science with the Australian SKA pathfinder Brian Boyle (ATNF) 15 December 2009
Making extrasolar planets in young stellar clusters Daniel Malmberg (Lund) 9 December 2009
Multi-wavelength Studies of Galaxy Clusters and Their Use as Cosmological Probes Doron Lemze (Tel Aviv) 9 December 2009
Cosmic Flows on 100 Mpc/h Scales: Standardized Minimum Variance bulk flow, shear and octupole moments Hume Feldman (Kansas) 2 December 2009
Shocks and Turbulence in (Simulated) Galaxy Clusters: Thermal and Non Thermal Features Franco Vazza (Bologna) 2 December 2009
Galaxy mergers and star cluster populations Diederik Kruijssen (Utrecht) 25 November 2009
On the redshift evolution of the BH-galaxy scaling relations: new results from the zCOSMOS survey Andrea Merloni (MPE, Garching) 11 November 2009
Looking towards the next generation of multi-wavelength galaxy surveys Manda Banerji (IoA) 4 November 2009
Debris disc stirring Alexander Mustill (IoA) 28 October 2009
Cosmological Constant as a Manifestation of the Hierarchy Pisin Chen (LeCosPA, Taiwan and KIPAC, Stanford) 21 October 2009
Colliding galaxies and the rapid assembly of clouds into superstar cluster building blocks Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle (INAOE, Mexico) 14 October 2009
Mass Segregation in Clusters on Very Short Timescales Richard Allison (University of Sheffield) 14 October 2009
The Giant Magellan Telescope Wendy Freedman (OCIW) 7 October 2009
GALEX: Galaxy Evolution EXplorer Satellite Barry Madore (OCIW) 7 October 2009
Consistency of the rapid decay phase with high latitude emission in GRBs Franck Genet (Hertfordshire) 23 September 2009
Warped and Twisted Discs Rebecca Martin (IoA) 23 September 2009
Asteroseismology of subdwarf B stars Haili Hu (IoA) 9 September 2009