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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
The Merger Times of High Redshift Dark Matter Halos Thomas McCavana (Sydney) 25 August 2010
Spinning Galaxies and Large Scale Structure \Holly Trowland (Sydney) 12 August 2010
Avoiding Armageddon: Diverting Asteroids with Nuclear explosives Dave Dearborn (Austin) 11 August 2010
Toward 3D Spectra of Galaxies: Extinction from Inclination-dependent Composites Ching-Wa Yip (Johns Hopkins) 11 August 2010
Observing Cosmic Evolution: How do we Find the Galaxies? Matt Malkan (UCLA) 28 July 2010
Halos and the IMF: Cold and Baryonic Dark Matter in Massive Early Type Galaxies Matthew Auger (UCSB) 28 July 2010
Fast sub-second optical variability in X-ray binaries Poshak Gandhi (JAXA) 21 July 2010
Black-hole pairs in gas-rich mergers Marta Volonteri (Michigan) 21 July 2010
Automated Galaxy Morphology Wayne Hayes (UC Irvine) 14 July 2010
Astronomy from Dome A, Antarctica Michael Ashley (UNSW) 14 July 2010
Resolved Debris Disks around Young Main Sequence Stars: Tracing Planets in the Dust Laura Churcher (IoA) 7 July 2010
Two shock fronts in the merging galaxy cluster Abell 2146 Helen Russell (IoA) 7 July 2010
Title to be confirmed Guido Risaliti (Harvard, SAO) 30 June 2010
Ellipsoidal and Eccentric Red Giant Binaries Christine Nicholls (Mt Stromlo Observatory) 30 June 2010
Evolution of statistical isotropy violation in the CMB Tarun Souradeep (IUCAA) 9 June 2010
The Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey: intracluster supernovae and the cluster SN Ia rate at z~0.1 David Sand (Harvard) 9 June 2010
A Search for Very Old Stars Jayant Narlikar (IUCAA) 2 June 2010
Post-main sequence evolution of debris discs Amy Bonsor (IoA) 2 June 2010
The UV properties of z>7 galaxies revealed by WFC3 Steve Wilkins (Oxford) 26 May 2010
Forming early-type galaxies in LambdaCDM simulations Peter Johansson (Munich) 19 May 2010
Galactic Archaeology with the Sagittarius Stellar Tidal Stream David Law (UCLA) 12 May 2010
Modelling star formation in the Antennae Simon Karl (Munich Observatory) 5 May 2010
Reconstructing Dark Energy Arman Shafieloo (Oxford) 28 April 2010
UM 673: A Unique System to Study the Properties of Damped Lyman-alpha Systems Ryan Cooke (IoA) 28 April 2010
Galactic Archaeology with Extremely Metal-Poor Stars in the Halo Takuma Suda (Keele) 31 March 2010
Probing massive black hole binaries with pulsar timing arrays Alberto Sesana (Albert Einstein Institute) 24 March 2010
First light science with the E-ELT: the HARMONI integral field spectrograph Niranjan Thatte (Oxford) 24 March 2010
Are there Magnetars among Long-period X-ray Pulsars? Nazar Ikhsanov (NASA/Marshall) 18 March 2010
ING's plans for the William Herschel Telescope Marc Balcells (Director, ING) 8 March 2010
Star clusters and galaxies, a common origin? Mark Gieles (IoA) 3 March 2010