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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
A search for rocky planets around cool stars Jayne Birkby (IoA) 24 November 2010
Title to be confirmed Warrick Ball (IoA) 17 November 2010
Mismatch and Misalignment: Dark Haloes and Satellites of Disc Galaxies Alis Deason (IoA) 10 November 2010
AGN feedback in clusters of galaxies Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (IoA) 10 November 2010
CO Spectral Line Energy Distributions of ULIRGs and AGN: a view of the things to come in the age of ALMA Padelis Papadopoulos (Bonn) 4 November 2010
Molecular Gas, CO, and Star Formation in Galaxies: Emergent Empirical Relations, Feedback, and the Evolution of Very Gas-Rich Systems Padelis Papadopoulos (Bonn) 3 November 2010
Towards a unified model of stellar rotation Adrian Potter (IoA) 3 November 2010
The search for the lowest metallicity stars in dwarf galaxies Else Starkenburg (Groningen) 27 October 2010
Constraining cosmology with redshift space distortions Juliana Kwan (Sydney) 27 October 2010
Probing Population III Nucleosynthesis Ryan Cooke (IoA) 20 October 2010
Intermediate temperature gas in brightest cluster galaxies Becky Canning (IoA) 20 October 2010
Crustal cooling in neutron stars Ed Cackett (IoA) 13 October 2010
Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies with GROND: an alternative insight into galaxy evolution Aybüke Küpcü Yoldaş (IoA) 6 October 2010
Mergers and Ejections of Black Holes in Globular Clusters Sverre Aarseth (IoA) 30 September 2010
A Novel Lya Forest Statistic and Constraints on the IGM Khee-Gan Lee (Princeton) 29 September 2010
The FLAMES Tarantula Survey of Massive Stars Vincent Henault-Brunet (Edinburgh) 22 September 2010
The SDSS-3: Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) - Early Results from Year One Observations Nic Ross (LBL) 22 September 2010
Balancing the Budget: Albedo and Heat Redistribution on Hot Jupiters Nick Cowan (U Washington) 15 September 2010
Brilliant Simulations of Dwarf Galaxies Fabio Governato (Washington) 8 September 2010
Ultra-luminous X-ray sources - The missing link? Matt Middleton (Durham) 1 September 2010
Eccentricity and Inclination Excitation in Exoplanets Matthew Payne (Florida) 1 September 2010
The Stellar Halos of the Milky Way as seen by SDSS Daniela Carollo (ANU) 25 August 2010
The Merger Times of High Redshift Dark Matter Halos Thomas McCavana (Sydney) 25 August 2010
Spinning Galaxies and Large Scale Structure \Holly Trowland (Sydney) 12 August 2010
Avoiding Armageddon: Diverting Asteroids with Nuclear explosives Dave Dearborn (Austin) 11 August 2010
Toward 3D Spectra of Galaxies: Extinction from Inclination-dependent Composites Ching-Wa Yip (Johns Hopkins) 11 August 2010
Observing Cosmic Evolution: How do we Find the Galaxies? Matt Malkan (UCLA) 28 July 2010
Halos and the IMF: Cold and Baryonic Dark Matter in Massive Early Type Galaxies Matthew Auger (UCSB) 28 July 2010
Fast sub-second optical variability in X-ray binaries Poshak Gandhi (JAXA) 21 July 2010
Black-hole pairs in gas-rich mergers Marta Volonteri (Michigan) 21 July 2010