Institute of Astronomy

Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Warped and Twisted Discs Rebecca Martin (IoA) 23 September 2009
Asteroseismology of subdwarf B stars Haili Hu (IoA) 9 September 2009
The Mismatch of Galaxy Merger Predictions vs. Observations and its Implications Christopher Conselice (University of Nottingham) 12 August 2009
Hanny's Voorwerp - is the nearest quasar recently dead or in hiding? William Keel (University of Alabama) 12 August 2009
Dynamical analysis of streams in the Galactic halo Shoko Jin (Heidelberg) 5 August 2009
Does the Universe Accelerate Equally in all Directions? Ryan Cooke (IoA) 5 August 2009
How Common are Extrasolar Late Heavy Bombardments? Mark Booth (IoA) 29 July 2009
New surveys and transients - an explosion in diversity Stephen Smartt (Belfast) 29 July 2009
X-ray Driven Photoevaporation of Protoplanetary Discs James Owen (IoA) 22 July 2009
Filament Detection Using Gravitational Lensing James Mead (IoA) 22 July 2009
The UV Luminosity Function and Dust Properties of Typical Star-Forming Galaxies at z~2-3. Naveen Reddy (NOAO) 15 July 2009
Young Galaxies in the Young Universe Dawn Erb (UCSB) 15 July 2009
The evolution of galaxies in groups since z ~ 0.5: New results from GEECs Sean McGee, University of Waterloo 13 July 2009
A new class of adiabatic Unified Dark Matter models Oliver Piattella (Portsmouth) 8 July 2009
Exploring the dark sector with Milky Way substructure Piero Madau (UCO Lick) 8 July 2009
Title to be confirmed Tarun Souradeep (IUCAA) 1 July 2009
The contribution of the cosmological constant to the bending of light: how it might affect lensing Wolfgang Rindler (UT Dallas) 25 June 2009
Measuring the Frequency and Composition of Extrasolar Minor Planets Jay Farihi (Leicester) 24 June 2009
The kinematics of extended gaseous halos of galaxies: beyond 25 kpc Glenn Kacprzak (Swinburne) 17 June 2009
Cold Accretion and Galaxy Growth: Hints of a Time-Varying IMF? Romeel Dave (Arizona) 17 June 2009
Sky Wise: Astronomers and the Public Jarita Holbrook (University of Arizona) 10 June 2009
The Cosmic Horseshoe: the rest-frame UV spectrum of a z~2 LBG Anna Quider (IoA) 10 June 2009
Making Massive Elliptical Galaxies in Two Phases Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton) 20 May 2009
The origin of dwarf spheroidal galaxies. Elena D'Onghia (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) 20 May 2009
Treading the dwarf-cluster divide: A curiously extended cluster in the M31 halo Michelle Collins 13 May 2009
z~2 hot-dust ULIRGs Caitlin Casey 13 May 2009
Observing gravitational waves from the first black holes Jonathan Gair (IoA) 6 May 2009
WorldWide Telescope at the Intersection of Science and Education Jonathan Fay (Microsoft, Redmond, USA) 24 April 2009
Re-assembling the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Martin Niederste-Ostholt (IoA) 22 April 2009
B-mode Detection with an Extended Planck Mission George Efstathiou (IoA) 15 April 2009