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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
ALMA: Science Opportunities in Cycle 0 John Richer (ALMA UK Project Scientist/Cavendish Astrophysics) 8 June 2011
Diffraction limited imaging in the visible on large ground-based telescopes Craig Mackay (IoA) 8 June 2011
Dwarf spheroidal galaxies as tests of CDM Jorge Penarrubia (IoA) 1 June 2011
Massive galaxies at high redshift: Rare or impossible? Martin Stringer (Durham) 1 June 2011
A Sensitive Test of Growth of Structure Yin-Zhe Ma (IoA) 18 May 2011
Momentum Driving in AGN and Galactic Feedback Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton) 18 May 2011
How neutral is the Intergalactic Medium at z~7 Martin Haehnelt (IoA) 4 May 2011
The discovery of a z=7.1 quasar Richard McMahon (IoA) 4 May 2011
Slowing down atomic diffusion in subdwarf B stars: mass-loss or turbulence? Haili Hu (IoA) 27 April 2011
Brightest cluster galaxies and the impact of dry mergers on the core-cusp problem Chervin Laporte (MPA, Garching) 20 April 2011
The evolution of the stellar mass function of star clusters Henny Lamers (Utrecht University) 23 March 2011
Lensing without shear: the power of cosmic magnification Pengjie Zhang (Shanghai Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science) 9 March 2011
The dynamics of spiral arms in pure stellar disks Michiko Fujii (Leiden) 2 March 2011
Red but not dead! Molecular gas in early-type galaxies Timothy Davis (Oxford) 2 March 2011
Implications of Radial Migration for Disk Galaxies Rok Roskar (Zurich) 23 February 2011
McMaster Unbiased Galaxy Simulations Greg Stinson (Preston) 23 February 2011
Feedback from Quasar Winds (But Not Jets) Patrick Hall (York University) 16 February 2011
Evidence for a cosmic battery Ioannis Contopoulos (Academy of Athens, Greece) 16 February 2011
Exploring the Milky Way with Massive Stars Ben Davies (IoA) 9 February 2011
The ISM revealed by Herschel: Exploring the properties of the coldest phases of dust Maud Galametz (IoA) 9 February 2011
Giving light an extra boost -- Doppler beaming in Kepler light curves Steven Bloemen (Leuven) 2 February 2011
Relativistic effects in weak gravitational lensing Camille Bonvin (IoA) 2 February 2011
Preparing Gaia for launch: dealing with radiation damage Scott Brown (IoA) 26 January 2011
The Magellanic Stream: A Case Study of Galactic Accretion Andrew Fox (IoA) 26 January 2011
Detecting ionized gas over cosmic distances via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich power spectrum Laurie Shaw (Yale) 19 January 2011
Merging Exoplanet Dynamics with Stellar and Galactic Dynamics Dimitri Veras (IoA) 19 January 2011
Title Speaker Date
Probing the epoch of reionization with the 21cm line Jonathan Pritchard (CfA) 15 December 2010
High Resolution Numerical Analysis of Quasar Microlensing Hugh Garsden (University of Sydney) 8 December 2010
Measurements of the UV background at 4.6 < z < 6.4 using the quasar proximity effect Alex Calverley (IoA) 8 December 2010
Looking for intermediate-mass black holes with the Einstein Telescope Eliu Huerta (IoA) 1 December 2010