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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Gaia, and the Gaia-ESO Survey Gerry Gilmore (IoA) 15 February 2012
Early (but not uninteresting) results from Planck George Efstathiou (IoA) 8 February 2012
Fast quasi-analytical models of the evolution of star clusters Poul Alexander (IoA) 1 February 2012
Stellar mass-loss in star clusters: driving on non-renewable energy Mark Gieles (IoA) 1 February 2012
4MOST: A European spectroscopic survey facility for Cosmology and Galactic Archaeology Ian Parry (IoA) 25 January 2012
Towards a complete dynamical picture for dwarf Spheroidals Nicola Amorisco 25 January 2012
Transient Astronomy with the Gaia Satellite Simon Hodgkin 18 January 2012
Dwarf Satellite Galaxies Beyond the Local Universe Matthew Auger (IoA) 18 January 2012
Title Speaker Date
The Galactic thick disc: a key component in understanding galaxy evolution Georges Kordopatis (IoA) 30 November 2011
Radiatively driven outflows in luminous quasars Paul Hewett (IoA) 30 November 2011
Star and cluster formation in the Antennae galaxies Simon Karl (IoA) 23 November 2011
Hydrodynamic outcomes of planet scattering in transitional discs Nick Moeckel (IoA) 23 November 2011
Extreme-mass-ratio gravitational wave bursts from the Galactic Centre Christopher Berry (University of Cambridge) 16 November 2011
Confinement pressure on group and cluster galaxies in GIMIC Yannick Bahe, IoA 16 November 2011
The South Pole Telescope Discovery of New Populations of Strong Lenses Yashar Hezavehe (McGill) 9 November 2011
Modelling Black Hole Binaries and AGNs with a Relativistic Reflection Model Chia-Ying Chiang (IoA) 9 November 2011
Understanding X-ray Reflection in AGN Dan Wilkins (IoA) 2 November 2011
Approaching the event horizon in 1H0707-495 Andy Fabian (IoA) 2 November 2011
Exploiting the accuracy of Kepler : Discovery of the hottest and largest exoplanet Dimitris Mislis 26 October 2011
Convicting Galaxies for (Re)Ionization: beyond a reasonable doubt? Stefano Cristiani (INAF, Trieste) 26 October 2011
X-ray surface brightness fluctuations and turbulence in galaxy clusters Jeremy Sanders, IoA 19 October 2011
The forgotten population of star-powered LINERs Natalia Vale Asari 19 October 2011
Faint Lyman alpha emitters at redshift ~3 Michael Rauch (Carnegie) 12 October 2011
The Origin of the Strongest Magnetic Fields in White Dwarfs Chris Tout (IoA) 12 October 2011
The Distributions of Local Group Satellites Mike Irwin (IoA) 5 October 2011
The formation of ultrawide binaries: a diagnostic of dissolving star clusters Cathie Clarke (IoA) 5 October 2011
Resonant Shattering of Neutron Stars, sGRB Precursors, and Neutron Star EOS Constraints Dave Tsang (Caltech) 28 September 2011
The formation of large galactic disks: survival or revival? Francois Hammer (GEPI, Observatoire de Paris) 28 September 2011
Early results from CLASH: The Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble, a Multi-Cycle Treasury Project Dan Coe (Stsci, Baltimore) 21 September 2011
Type Ia Supernovae Mario Livio (STScI) 21 September 2011