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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Milestones in Spacetime: Double Neutron-Star Binaries as Gravitational-Wave Standard Sirens Steve Taylor (IoA) 6 June 2012
When worlds collide: debris from terrestrial planet formation Alan Jackson (IoA) 30 May 2012
Revisiting dynamos in massive stars Adrian Potter (IoA) 30 May 2012
The hot Jupiter WTS-2 b: Too close for comfort? Jayne Birkby (Leiden) 23 May 2012
The curiously cold dark matter halos of Andromeda dwarf spheroidals Michelle Collins (MPIA) 23 May 2012
Constraining Intermediate Mass Black Holes with Cosmological Microlensing Katie Mack (IoA) 16 May 2012
Uncovering CMB B-modes with Planck Christopher Crowe (IoA) 16 May 2012
Constraining the dark energy equation of state with double source plane strong lenses Tom Collett (IoA) 9 May 2012
Spider, AMI, Planck: The latest in CMB B-modes and SZ Carrie MacTavish 9 May 2012
WTS: A near-infrared transit survey Gabor Kovacs (IoA) 2 May 2012
Extreme-mass-ratio binaries: Modelling and test of Chern-Simons Modified Gravity Priscilla Canizares (IoA) 2 May 2012
Neutrinos and Other Dark Lights: Cosmological Constraints Lloyd Knox (UC Davis) 25 April 2012
Angular Momentum and Galaxy Formation Revisited Aaron Romanowsky (UC Santa Cruz) 25 April 2012
Resolving the Dust: Results From the DEBRIS Survey Mark Booth 14 March 2012
Balloon Born submm-wave telescopes Barth Netterfield (Toronto) 14 March 2012
Lyman Alpha Emission, Galactic Outflows and Large Scale Structure at High Redshift Dawn Erb (Wisconsin) 7 March 2012
The evolution of planetesimal swarms in a self-gravitating disc Joe Walmswell (IoA) 7 March 2012
Angular diameter versus redshift in very bright AGN jets at 5 & 8 GHz Barney Rickett (UCSD) 29 February 2012
Molecular gas in z~1 cluster galaxies and prospects for ALMA Jeff Wagg (ESO) 29 February 2012
Measurements of Black Hole Spin via X-ray Continuum Fitting Jack Steiner 22 February 2012
How jets work Donald Lynden-Bell 22 February 2012
Quasi-stars, giants and the Schönberg-Chandrasekhar limit Warrick Ball (IoA) 15 February 2012
Gaia, and the Gaia-ESO Survey Gerry Gilmore (IoA) 15 February 2012
Early (but not uninteresting) results from Planck George Efstathiou (IoA) 8 February 2012
Fast quasi-analytical models of the evolution of star clusters Poul Alexander (IoA) 1 February 2012
Stellar mass-loss in star clusters: driving on non-renewable energy Mark Gieles (IoA) 1 February 2012
4MOST: A European spectroscopic survey facility for Cosmology and Galactic Archaeology Ian Parry (IoA) 25 January 2012
Towards a complete dynamical picture for dwarf Spheroidals Nicola Amorisco 25 January 2012
Transient Astronomy with the Gaia Satellite Simon Hodgkin 18 January 2012
Dwarf Satellite Galaxies Beyond the Local Universe Matthew Auger (IoA) 18 January 2012