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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
An astrometric search method for gravitational waves using Gaia Deyan Mihaylov 18 October 2017
The first detection of the EM counterpart of a gravitational wave Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez 18 October 2017
GravityCam: detecting larger numbers of Earth size planets using gravitational microlensing Craig Mackay 11 October 2017
Towards a measurement of the neutrino mass in cosmology Daan Meerburg 11 October 2017
Cells, Planets, Stars and Galaxies. Projects@CASU: creating image and spectroscopy analysis systems for data intensive science Nic Walton (IoA) 4 October 2017
Chemical and kinematical studies of the Milky Way based on the LAMOST Galactic Spectroscopic Surveys Yang Huang, KIAA Peking 27 September 2017
ALMA high-resolution observations of molecular gas kinematics in nearby galaxies Kyoko Onishi (Ehime University) 6 September 2017
Measuring the Hubble constant with Type Ia supernovae as near-infrared standard candles Suhail Dhawan (Stockholm) 30 August 2017
The evolution of photo-evaporating proto-planetary discs in binaries Giovanni Rosotti 14 June 2017
Updating the global star formation law Mia de los Reyes 14 June 2017
Exploring the Star-Forming Hosts of Reddened Quasars at z~2 Clare Wethers 7 June 2017
Unveiling young massive stars with near infrared spectroscopy and submillimetre interferometry John Ilee 7 June 2017
The fall of the Northern Unicorn: Proper motions of the Monoceros stream and ring Thomas de Boer 31 May 2017
Modelling supernova feedback in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation Matthew Smith 31 May 2017
Accreting white dwarfs from Gaia alerts Elme Breedt 24 May 2017
Hunting for Dippers with Machine Learning Christina Hedges 24 May 2017
Observational signatures of warps in circumbinary discs Attila Juhasz 17 May 2017
Chemical enrichment of giant planets and discs due to pebble drift Richard Booth 17 May 2017
Exoplanet recycling in massive white-dwarf debris discs Rik van Lieshout 10 May 2017
Quasar Host Galaxies at z~2 with ALMA Dr. Manda Banerji (University of Cambridge) 10 May 2017
Microseismic event detection using machine learning and Bayesian inference Saptarshi Das 3 May 2017
New empirical calibrations of strong line metallicity indicators Mirko Curti 3 May 2017
(Ex-?)Binary stars in the Galactic thick disc Dr. Robert Izzard (University of Cambridge) 26 April 2017
The spiralling signatures of planet formation Farzana Meru 26 April 2017
Tidal Synchronisation of Close sdB Binaries: The Role of Convective Cores. Holly Preece 22 March 2017
Observable signatures of clouds in exoplanetary atmospheres Arazi Pinhas 22 March 2017
Lensed quasars in DES and Gaia Cameron Lemon 8 March 2017
Exploring AGN Feedback Models in Cosmological Simulations Nick Henden 8 March 2017
Peering Through The Clouds: Retrieving Properties of Transiting Exoplanet Atmospheres Ryan MacDonald 22 February 2017
Mixing in Massive Stars Adam Jermyn 22 February 2017