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Find below an archive of the most recent talks at the IoA. Click on the title for full details including abstract and attached presentation where available. For a full list of previous talks, please click the link under each section.

Previous Colloquia

Title Speaker Date
Using our Galactic center supermassive black hole Sgr A* as a testbed for theories of accretion Sera Markoff, University of Amsterdam 21 May 2015
Euclid space mission: a cosmological challenge for the next 15 years Roberto Scaramella, INAF-Osservatorio di Roma 14 May 2015
Jet-ISM Interactions in Radio Quiet AGN Mark Whittle, University of Virginia 7 May 2015
Galactic Archeology - past, present, and future Sofia Feltzing, Lund Observatory 30 April 2015
Galactic Winds: Implications for Models of Galaxy Evolution Tim Heckman (Johns Hopkins University, CAS) 23 April 2015

Previous Sackler Lectures

Title Speaker Date
The Search for Earth 2.0 Sara Seager (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 4 December 2014
Fatal fate - a gas cloud on its way towards Galactic Center black hole Stefan Gillessen (MPE) 31 October 2013
Is the Earth Rare? Jim Kasting (Penn State University) 8 November 2012
Sackler Lecture, Present and Future Far Infrared Extragalactic Astronomy: Herschel and Beyond Matt Griffin, Cardiff University 3 November 2011
Measuring Black Hole Spin Ramesh Narayan, Harvard 25 November 2010

Previous Eddington Lectures

Title Speaker Date
Ghostly Galaxies: exploring the universe with the Dragonfly Telescope Pieter Van Dokkum (Yale) 12 March 2015
Galaxy Evolution in 3-D Professor Lisa Kewley (ANU) 13 February 2014
The Turbulent Environment of Planet Formation Phil Armitage (Colorado) 7 March 2013
Galaxies Viewed as Collections of Individual Stars Professor Julianne Dalcanton, University of Washington 8 March 2012
Astronomy: A Subject on the Cusp Shri Kulkarni, Caltech 10 March 2011