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Part III /MASt Calendar

please note some details may be subject to change.

MATHS CALENDAR FOR 2013/2014 - this will be updated as soon as possible.



Please also refer to the  Maths Part III Handbook   and the NST Part III Astrophysics Course Guide for further details.  The latter is being prepared.

*Students offering a Part III Physics course for examination must complete and return their college examination forms by the appropriate deadline. Please ensure that one copy of the form is submitted to the Course Secretary in the Institute of Astronomy during Michaelmas Term. Further information about procedures for examination entries will be made available at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term. Specific information about the examination is given in notices put up on the Part III noticeboard outside the Pippard Lecture Theatre and students should make sure that they read these regularly.


Date and Time Subject Venue/Details
Tues 7 October Full MICHAELMAS term begins  

Tues 7 October
10.00, - 12.00


Introductory meeting with Computer Managers.
Introductory meeting with Course Coordinator, and Chair of Teaching Committee followed by Library Tour (Mark Hurn: Librarian).  [student portrait photographs taken from 10.45]
meetings in Hoyle Committee Room
Wed 8 October 0930
and 16.30 (tbc)
Maths Introductory Meeting at CMS
Group Photograph and Welcome Drinks Party
Thur 9 October Michaelmas Term Lectures begin CMS and Cavendish Laboratory (see lecture list)
Tues 15 October 15.00 First (of five) Computer Orientation Lectures with Roderick Johnstone Hoyle Committee Room
Thur 17 October 14.00 2nd Computer Orientation Lecture Roderick Johnstone Hoyle Committee Room
Fri 18 October Ranked list of projects to Ian Parry via email
Tues  22 October 14.00 3rd Computer Orientation Lecture with Roderick Johnstone Hoyle Committee Room
Tues 22 October Notification of project assigned via email
Thur  24 October 14.00 4th Computer Orientation Lecture with Roderick Johnstone Hoyle Committee Room
Tues 29 October 14.00 5th Computer Orientation Lecture with Roderick Johnstone Hoyle Committee Room
Fri 1 November Provisional Maths Tripos entries.
Confirm Physics Major Options -- email Judith Moss
Mon 4 November
Progress meeting with Course Coordinator and Chair of Teaching Committee (option 1) Ryle Large Meeting Room
Tues 5 November
Progress meeting with Course Coordinator and Chair of Teaching Committee (option 2) Hoyle Committee Room
Tues 5  November [tbc] *Deadline to enter for Physics Major Options examinations  
Mon 1 December 5pm - tbc Seminar and wine, cheese and nibbles Hoyle Committee Room
Wed 3 December Last day of Michaelmas Term lectures  
Fri 5 December (no later than) Interim Progress Report to be delivered to Course Secretary bearing the signatures of the supervisors. Electronic version is acceptable (jm(at) Hoyle Room 4
Fri 6 December Full Michaelmas Term ends  
Tues 13 January Full LENT Term begins  
As soon as possible Liaise with Project Supervisor to organise supervisions As appropriate
January [SEE REPORTER and Dept of Physics] Particle physics (NST3ET Major Topic 4) TBC Examination Halls, New Museums Site
  Physics of the Earth as a planet (NST3ET Major Topic 5) Examination Halls,
New Museums Site
Thur 15 January Lent term lectures begin CMS
Wed 11 February, 2.30pm (tbc) [For information: IoA staff presentations to potential Part II/III Astrophysics students, Sackler Lecture Theatre.] Sackler Lecture Theatre
During week commencing Mon 23 February Timetable for practice oral presentations to be received from Course Coordinator (via Course Secretary) by email. You are advised to check that your presentation works on the IoA digital system. Please contact Course Secretary [jm(at)] to make arrangements in good time.  
tbc "How to give a PowerPoint Presentation" by Craig Mackay Hoyle Committee Room - time to be confirmed  
Friday 6 March tbc Deadline to inform Records  & Exams, Student Registry of decision to withdraw Physics minor options paper. inform your college
Wed 11 March Last day of Lent Term lectures CMS
Thur & Fri 12 & 13 March tbc Practice oral presentations (20 mins for talk, 10 mins for questions). Project Coordinator, Project Supervisors part of audience (this constitutes final and 4th supervision of the Lent Term [i.e. 7th out of total of 8]).
Hoyle Committee Room
Feedback meeting with  Ian Parry (IoA Teaching Committee) Hoyle Committee Room
  Deadline to enter for Physics Minor Options examinations jm(at)
Fri 13 March Full Lent Term ends  
Wed 15 April (not later than) Draft of Final Project Report to be handed to Project Supervisor  
During week commencing Mon 20 April Timetable for final oral presentations to be emailed during this period. (20 mins for talk and 10 mins for questions)  
Tues 21 April tbc

Full EASTER Term begins.

Candidates receive examination entry forms to indicate choice of examination papers (Maths).

AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE You are advised to again make sure that your presentation works on the IoA digital system. Please contact Course Secretary [jm(at)] to make arrangements in good time. Hoyle Committee Room
No later than
Tues 28 April by 16.30
Submission of Final Project Report: Deliver 2 copies to Course Secretary, identified by name only (i.e. University Examinations Number must NOT appear anywhere in the report)  and include declaration (here). Submit electronic file to Course Secretary [jm(at)] by this deadline.


Room 4


Thur 30 April or Fri 1 May tbc Formal, assessed oral presentations to Part III Examiners Hoyle Committee Room
Fri 1 May by NOON Deadline for return of forms giving choice of examination papers1 : see correspondence from, Faculty Office Secretary (Amy Dittrich), CMS. (It is very important to copy the form to the Course Secretary - email is acceptable.) Faculty Office, CMS
Room B1.28
Thurs 21 May

1Deadline for withdrawing a paper - notice via your Director of Studies

Undergraduate office, CMS


Part III Examinations - to be announced in "Reporter"


CMS - seminar and lecture rooms. Room numbers tbc.
Thurs 28 May Part III examinations begin  
Tues 9 June Part III Examinations end  
Fri 12 June Full Easter Term ends  
Tues 16  June NST Part III Astrophysics Examiners meeting  
Wed 17 June
approx 09.30
It is expected your examination results will be available to you (and no-one else)  via CamSIS  
**16.30** Examination results announced at Senate House  
From Wed 17 June: after 09.00 Project Reports may be collected from Course Secretary. If not collected after Examinations the report will be sent to the address provided on the cover sheet. Hoyle Room 4


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