Institute of Astronomy

Part II Structure and Evolution of Stars

Michaelmas Term, 24 Lectures – Prof. M Pettini

1. Basic Concepts

  • Importance of stars in the broader context of modern astrophysics;
  • The cycle of star formation/evolution; stellar populations in the Galaxy.
  • Basic properties of stars: mass, temperature, luminosity, gravity, chemical composition, age.
  • Photometry and colours; spectra and spectral lines.
  • The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram; spectral classfii cation of stars.

2. Measurements of Stellar Properties, I

  • Distance: parallax, apparent and absolute magnitudes
  • Mass: binary stars
  • Temperature: black body radiation, Wien's Law.

3. Stellar Physics I

  • Timescales: dynamical, thermal, nuclear
  • Energy generation: H and He burning; Si burning; r- & s- processes
  • Degeneracy; Chandrasekar limit
  • Energy transport: radiative and convective

4. Stellar Physics II

  • Equations of stellar structure
  • Hydrostatic equilibrium
  • Virial theorem
  • Pressure
  • Opacity
  • Stellar properties as a function of mass, homology

5. Stellar Evolution and the H-R diagram

  • Pre-main sequence evolution, Hayashi and Henyey tracks
  • Hydrogen and helium main sequences
  • Post-main sequence evolution: massive stars, supernovae, neutron stars, black holes
  • Post-main sequence evolution: low mass stars, planetary nebulae, white dwarfs, Type Ia SNae
  • Initial mass function and its consequences

6. Measurements of Stellar Properties, II

  • Spectral line opacity and broadening
  • Curve of growth, abundance analysis
  • Spectral lines as temperature indicators
  • Photospheric pressure
  • Chemical analysis; the solar abundance scale; evolutionary changes
  • Velocity fields in stellar photospheres; stellar winds


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