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Part II Calendar - 2016-17

2016-17 CALENDAR

Some entries/dates may be subject to change and further additions made.


Date and Time Subject Venue / Information
out of term
23 Sept
Submission of CATAM Part 1B projects (mainly NST students)
Tues 4 October Full MICHAELMAS term begins  
Tues 4 October 10:00 Introductory meeting with Course Coordinator and Chairman of Teaching Committee followed by tour of IoA

Please see map

Sackler Lecture Theatre

Tues 4 October 10:45 Library Tour by Mark Hurn, IoA Librarian Library, Observatory Building
Approx 11:15 Coffee Hoyle Building Foyer
Wed 5 October 12.30-13.00 Meeting with Carolin Crawford  on outreach opportunities at IoA. Sackler Lecture Theatre
Wed 5 October 2-3pm
Maths induction meeting including career information and Part III.
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre, New Museums site
Thur 6  October 10:00 Part II Astrophysics Lectures begin (see Lecture List) - Structure and Evolution of Stars,  P Hewett Sackler Lecture Theatre
Thur 6 October from 12:15 Photographs Note: meet in Hoyle Foyer (IoA) outside Sackler Lecture Theatre for photos
During 2nd wk of MT Supervision arrangements - list issued  
Fri 28 Oct
Undergraduate Journal Club and Social
(lunch venue only  - Hoyle foyer)
Ryle Large Meeting Room

Fri 28 Oct
by midnight

Deadline for submitting CATAM Declaration using Raven log in at on line (see email from Dr Wingate)
Mon 31 Oct
CATAM vacation projects examples class given by Wyn Evans Ryle Large Meeting Room
Mon 31 Oct Publication of essay topics via email (hardcopies provided)
Thurs 3 Nov
ESSAY TOPICS PRESENTATIONS by essay advisers Sackler Lecture Theatre
Th 3 Nov Final deadline for examination entry (check with colleges) short training video via CamSIS
Th 10 Nov Final deadline for Directors of Studies approval of
examination enrolments.
via CamSIS
Th 10 Nov
"Introduction to LaTeX" by  Dr Stephen Eglen Meeting Room 3, CMS

Fri 11 Nov

Undergraduate Journal Club and Social
(lunch venue only  - Hoyle foyer)
Ryle Large Meeting Room


Tu 29  Nov 12.15  PIZZA PARTY WITH IoA staff Hoyle Committee Room
Wed 30 Nov Last day of Michaelmas Term lectures  
Fri 2 December Full Michaelmas Term ends  
Tues 17 January Full LENT Term begins  
Thur 19 January Lent term lectures begin - (See Lecture List)  
During 2nd wk of LT Supervision arrangements - list issued  
Fri 27 January
Undergraduate Journal Club and Social
(lunch venue only  - Hoyle foyer)
Ryle Large Meeting Room
Fri 10 February 13:00-14:30 Undergraduate Journal Club and Social
(lunch venue only  - Hoyle foyer)
Hoyle Committee Room
Fri 17 Feb Undergraduate Journal Club and Social
(lunch venue only  - Hoyle foyer)
[Wed 22 February 2.30pm] [For information: IoA teaching staff Presentations to potential Part II/III Astrophysics Students, Sackler Lecture Theatre] Sackler Lecture Theatre
Thurs 9 Mar
Feedback Meeting with members of Teaching Committee and Senior Examiner. Hoyle Committee Room
Wed 15 March Last day of Lent Term lectures Sackler Lecture Theatre
Thurs 16 March 11:00 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Lecture Sackler Lecture Theatre
Fri 17 March Deadline for essay choice to be given to Course Secretary OR students should inform Course Secretary of their intention to submit computational projects (CATAM) by this date. jm(at)
Fri 17 March Full Lent Term ends  
Tues 25 April Full EASTER Term begins  
Wed 3 May
deadline for submission of CATAM projects and for submission of electronic files. Location for submission of projects will be communicated via email about 1 week before the deadline. Students should inform the Astrophysics Course Secretary which ones they have attempted CATAM News EL.09 in Pavilion E of the CMS Obtain a declaration form from CMS reception or here.
Thur 4 May
Deadline for submission of Essay Course secretary's office H48
Mon 5 June
Paper 1 Mill Lane Lecture Rooms
Tues  6 June
Paper 2 Mill Lane Lecture Rooms
Thurs 8 June, 09:00-12:00 Paper 3 Mill Lane Lecture Rooms  
Fri 9 June
Paper 4 Mill Lane Lecture Rooms
Mon, 12 June NB Vivas (CATAM) are likely to take place CMS
[Optional Wed 14 June 11.15 Meeting at CMS  for students intending to continue to Part III Astrophysics in 2017-2018. [Note this is relevant for Maths students mainly.] MR2, CMS] 
Thur 15 June, 09:00 (all students must attend) Vivas (see Examination Notice) and group photograph meet in Hoyle Building
Fri 16 June It is expected that your results will be available for you (and no-one else) via CamSIS  

Fri 16 June

Examination results announced at Senate House  
Fri 16 June Full Easter Term ends  


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