Institute of Astronomy

Milky Way and Local Group Stars

Our research interests span the planetary to Local Group scales, including dark matter, dwarf galaxies, the Milky Way, star clusters, cool stars, exo-planets, massive stars and supernovae.  We make use of a variety of theoretical and observational tools, and many international ground- and space-based telescopes. The previous incarnation of the Group's web pages can be found here:

Dwarf Galaxies

 Dwarf galaxy research at the IoA ranges from observational studies to search for and classifying new dwarf galaxies  to theoretical work on the distribution of dark matter within these systems.

Milky Way Galaxy

Milky Way research at the IoA involves reconstructing the assembly history of the Galaxy through observational work involving large scale surveys and theoritical studies with numerical simulations and galactic dynamics.

Star Clusters

Star clusters research at the IoA ranges from observational studies on resolved clusters in the Local Group and unresolved super-star cluster in external galaxies to theoretical and numerical work on their dynamical evolution.

Tidal Streams

Coming Soon

Variable Universe

Variable stars, RR Lyrae, transients, supernovae, microlensing events.

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