Institute of Astronomy

Dr Sergey Koposov


My research is focused on working with large surveys, big data, building statistical models, analysing Milky Way halo, stellar streams and dwarf galaxies.

Selected papers

The Discovery of Two Extremely Low Luminosity Milky Way Globular Clusters

The Luminosity Function of the Milky Way Satellites

A Quantitative Explanation of the Observed Population of Milky Way Satellite Galaxies

Constraining the Milky Way Potential with a Six-Dimensional Phase-Space Map of the GD-1 Stellar Stream

Accurate Stellar Kinematics at Faint Magnitudes: Application to the Boötes I Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

The Sagittarius Streams in the Southern Galactic Hemisphere

Discovery of a cold stellar stream in the ATLAS DR1 data


Master's degree (with distinction) from Moscow State University (2006)

PhD (magna cum laude) from University of Heidelberg (2009)


Statistical methods in Python

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