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E-mail and Phone List

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NameOfficePhoneE-mailStaff Category
Dr Sverre J AarsethHoyle H11(3)37508sverreEmeritus Staff
Dr James AirdHoyle H53(3)30895jairdPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Rupert AllisonKavli K07(7)66099rallisonPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr William AlstonHoyle H56(3)39281wnaPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Houshang ArdavanObs O30(3)37553ardavanEmeritus Staff
Mr Bob W ArgyleObs O33(7)60794rwaEmeritus Staff
Dr Matthew AugerHoyle H40(3)37529maugerResearch Fellow
Dr Manda BanerjiKAVLI K19(3)37549mbanerjiResearch Fellow
Dr Nicholas BateHoyle H22(7)66095nbatePostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Andrew D BateyObs O5(7)66662adbSupport Staff
Mr Francesco BelfioreKAVLI K31(7)46434fb338@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Mr Graham BellContact details witheldSupport Staff
Dr Vasily BelokurovHoyle H20(3)37515vasilyAcademic Staff
Ms Sandra BernerKavli K12(3)37516sbernerSupport Staff
Prof Alexander BoksenbergObs O11(3)39909boksyEmeritus Staff
- Dominika Maria Rita BonebergObs O14(3)37531dmrb3Graduate Student
Dr Amy BonsorHoyle H31(7)65845abonsorPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Richard Anthony BoothHoyle H35(7)60799rab200Postdoctoral Researcher
- Sarah Elena Ivana BosmanKAVLI K26(7)60797seib2Graduate Student
Dr Matthew BothwellKAVLI K29(3)37210msb47@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
- Douglas BoubertObs O17(3)37534dpb33Graduate Student
Dr Martin BourneKavli K08(7)46430mabournePostdoctoral Researcher
- Douglas BuissonHoyle H52(7)66635djkb2Graduate Student
Mr Patrick BurgessAPM A6(7)66665pwbPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Giorgia BussoObs O22(7)66603giorgiaPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Stefano CarnianiKavli K05(7)60795sc888@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Prof Bob CarswellHoyle H16(3)37514rfcEmeritus Staff
Dr Andrew CaseyHoyle H33(3)37542arcPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Robin CatchpoleObs O30(3)37553catchpolEmeritus Staff
Dr Anthony ChallinorKAVLI K2(7)66659adc1000Academic Staff
Dr Jonathan ChardinKAVLI K18(3)37527jcPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Ricardo ChavezKavli K03(7)46428ricardo.chavez@mVisitors
Dr Xi ChenKavli K32(7)46435xc253@camCavendish Astrophysics
- Alvin ChuaObs O26(3)39277ajkc3Graduate Student
Prof Cathie J ClarkeHoyle H10(3)39087cclarkeAcademic Staff
- Liam CoatmanObs O27(3)37540lc585Graduate Student
Miss Amanda Jayne CockrillHoyle H07(3)37541ac981Support Staff
- Tom ComerfordObs O18(3)37535tafc2Graduate Student
Dr Sue CowellContact details witheldSupport Staff
Dr Carolin CrawfordHoyle H60(3)37510cscSupport Staff
Dr Ali DariushHoyle H23(7)48462adariushPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Francesca De AngeliObs O23(3)37546fdaPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Thomas De BoerHoyle H35(7)60799tdeboerPostdoctoral Researcher
- Mithi De Los ReyesHoyle H29(7)66645macd4Graduate Student
Dr Nathalie DegenaarHoyle H63(3)39071degenaarPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Colin DeGrafKavli K08(7)46430cdegrafPostdoctoral Researcher
Ms Arancha DelgadoObs O24(7)66658mdelgadoPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Catrina DienerObs O24(7)66650cdienerPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof George P EfstathiouKAVLI K13(3)37530gpeAcademic Staff
Dr Denis ErkalHoyle H21(7)60799derkalPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Wyn EvansHoyle H50(7)65847nweAcademic Staff
Dr Dafydd W EvansAPM A8(7)64608dwePostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Andrew C FabianHoyle H49(3)37509acfAcademic Staff
Dr Davide FiacconiKavli K05(7)60795fiacconiPostdoctoral Researcher
- Andin FlutschKavli K31(7)46434af618@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Mr Robert GallagherKavli K31(7)46434rmg55@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Mrs Monica GamboaHoyle Recept(3)37548mgamboaSupport Staff
- Siddharth GandhiObs O35(3)37093sng29Graduate Student
Prof Gerry F GilmoreHoyle H47(3)37506gilAcademic Staff
Dr Carlos Gonzalez FernandezAPM A05(3)30896cgonzalPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Eduardo Gonzalez SolaresAPM A4(7)64609eglezPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Douglas O GoughHoyle H13(3)37518douglasEmeritus Staff
Dr Steven GrattonKAVLI K7(7)65849stg20Postdoctoral Researcher
Ms Monica GreenoHoyle Recept(7)66648mgreenoSupport Staff
Prof Roger GriffinObs O21(3)37536rfgEmeritus Staff
Prof Martin HaehneltKAVLI K27(7)66671haehneltAcademic Staff
Dr Ghina HalabiHoyle H32(3)37551gmhPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Will HandleyKAVLI K01(7)66660wh260@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Mrs Margaret E HardingHoyle H06(3)37552mehSupport Staff
- John HarrisonObs O18(3)37535jhdh2Graduate Student
Dr Diana HarrisonKAVLI K1(7)66660dlhPostdoctoral Researcher
Mrs Anita HawkinsObs B(3)37548aahSupport Staff
Prof Cyril HazardObs O29(3)37544Visitors
- Christina HedgesHoyle H27(7)66653clh93Graduate Student
Mr Sonke HeeKAVLI K34(7)45437sh767@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
- Nicholas HendenObs O15(7)66669nh444Graduate Student
Prof Paul C HewettHoyle H19(3)37507phewettAcademic Staff
Mr Edward HigsonKavli K14(7)60796e.higson@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Dr Simon HodgkinHoyle H39(7)66657sthPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Anna HourihaneHoyle H24(7)66667aphPostdoctoral Researcher
Mrs Mary HoweHoyle H05(3)37522mhoweSupport Staff
- Shaoran HuHoyle H26(3)37511sh759Graduate Student
Mrs Dorothy HumeHoyle Recept(3)37548dehSupport Staff
Mr Mark HurnObs OLO(3)37537hurnmSupport Staff
Miss Emma HydeHoyle Recept(3)37548ehydeSupport Staff
Dr John IleeHoyle H14(3)39282jdileePostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Mike IrwinAPM A1(7)64606mikeAcademic Staff
Dr Robert G IzzardHoyle H36(3)37504rgiResearch Fellow
- Adam JermynObs O35(3)37093asj42Graduate Student
- Prashin JethwaObs O27(3)37540pj253Graduate Student
- Jiachen JiangHoyle H52(7)66635jj447Graduate Student
Dr Paula Jofre PfeilHoyle H34(7)66096pjofrePostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Roderick M JohnstoneHoyle H59(7)66656rmjSupport Staff
Dr Derek H P JonesObs O32(3)30894dhpjEmeritus Staff
Dr Attila JuhaszHoyle H22(7)66095juhaszPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Mihkel KamaHoyle H25(7)66098mkamaPostdoctoral Researcher
- Harley KatzHoyle H29(7)66645hk380Graduate Student
- Laura KeatingObs 015(7)66669lck35Graduate Student
Dr Grant KennedyHoyle H36(3)37504gkennedyResearch Fellow
Prof Robert C KennicuttHoyle H17(7)65844robkAcademic Staff
Dr Adam KewleyObs O24(7)66650akewleyPostdoctoral Researcher
Ms Do Young KimKAVLI K34(7) Astrophysics
Dr Taysun KimmKavli K18(3)37527tkimmPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr David KingObs O19(3)37091kingEmeritus Staff
Dr Sergey KoposovHoyle H41(7)66668koposovResearch Fellow
- Peter KosecHoyle H52(3)37511pk394Graduate Student
Dr Gabor KovacsHoyle H25(7)66098gkovacsPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Quentin kralHoyle H31(7)65845qkralPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Girish KulkarniKAVLI K16(7)66651kulkarniPostdoctoral Researcher
- Nimisha KumariHoyle H27(7)66653nk432Graduate Student
Dr Aybuke Kupcu-YoldasAPM A2(3)37524akyPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr George LansburyHoyle H51(7)60793gbl23Postdoctoral Researcher
Prof Anthony LasenbyKAVLI K28(3)37293a.n.lasenby@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Mrs Susan LeatherbarrowHoyle H04(3)39088slSupport Staff
- Cameron LemonObs O35(3)37093cl522Graduate Student
- Pablo LemosKavli K14(7)60796pl411Graduate Student
Dr Lindley LentatiKAVLI K33(7)46436lt121@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Dr James R LewisAPM A4(7)66652jrlPostdoctoral Researcher
- Edward LilleyObs O26(3)39277ejl44Graduate Student
Dr Anne LohfinkHoyle H55(7)60792alohfinkPostdoctoral Researcher
- Kaloian LozanovKAVLI K26(7)60797kd309Graduate Student
Prof Donald Lynden-BellObs O13(3)37525dlbEmeritus Staff
- Ryan MacDonaldObs O17(3)37548rm793Graduate Student
Prof Craig MackayObs O25(3)37543cdmEmeritus Staff
Dr Nikku MadhusudhanHoyle H18(7)66619nmadhuAcademic Staff
Dr Thomas MaedlerHoyle H34(7)
Prof. Roberto MaiolinoKAVLI K35(7)61661r.maiolino@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Dr Daisy MakKAVLI K06(7)46429dmakPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Julien MalzacHoyle H25(7)66656malzac@cesr.frVisitors
- Sebastian MarinoHoyle H27(7)66653sm2132Graduate Student
Dr Thomas MasseronHoyle H34(7)66096tpm40Postdoctoral Researcher
- Jasleen MatharuObs O15(7)66669jm2053Graduate Student
- Luca MatraHoyle H27(7)66653lm605Graduate Student
Prof Richard G McMahonKAVLI K22(3)37519rgmAcademic Staff
Miss Joy McSharryHoyle H04(7)61537jpmSupport Staff
Dr Farzana MeruHoyle H14(3)39282fmeruResearch Fellow
- Deyan MihaylovObs O26(3)39277dm634Graduate Student
Mr Neil MillarObs O2(7)66661nrmSupport Staff
Mrs Judith MossHoyle H48(3)37521jmSupport Staff
Dr Paul MurdinObs O20(3)37537murdinEmeritus Staff
Dr David MurphyAPM A05-2(7)65846dmurphyPostdoctoral Researcher
- Gyuchul MyeongHoyle H29(7)66645gm564Graduate Student
- Aneesh NaikObs O35(3)37091an485Graduate Student
Ms Camila NavarreteHoyle H27(7)66653cnavarreVisitors
Ms Carina NegreanuKAVLI K14(7)60796cn339@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Ms Adeline NicolHoyle H04(3)37538an426Support Staff
- Lindsay OldhamHoyle H26(3)37511ljo31Graduate Student
Mr Paul OsborneAPM A06(7)66650posbornePostdoctoral Researcher
- Fernanda Ostrovski DutraHoyle H29(7)66645fo250Graduate Student
Dr Kazuaki OtaKAVLI K23(7)46431kotaCavendish Astrophysics
Dr Michael ParkerHoyle H54(7)65848mlparkerPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Ian R ParryHoyle H57(3)37092irpAcademic Staff
Dr Gudrun PebodyHoyle H46(7)66097gpebodySupport Staff
Dr Margaret PenstonObs O32(3)30894mjpEmeritus Staff
Mrs Debbie PetersonHoyle H06(7)66643dlpSupport Staff
Prof Max PettiniHoyle H62(7)66670pettiniEmeritus Staff
- Arazi PinhasHoyle H29(7)66645ap817Graduate Student
Dr Ciro PintoHoyle H56(3)39281cpintoPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Estelle PonsKavli K06(7)46429eponsPostdoctoral Researcher
- Holly PreeceObs O35(3)37093hpp25Graduate Student
Prof Jim E PringleHoyle H16(3)37514jepEmeritus Staff
Dr Ewald PuchweinKAVLI K20(3)37533puchweinResearch Fellow
- Matthew James ReadObs O14(3)37531mjr201Graduate Student
- Sophie ReedObs O14(3)37531sr525Graduate Student
Prof Martin J ReesHoyle H58(3)37520mjrEmeritus Staff
Dr Monica Relano-PastorHoyle H12(7)66680mrelano
Dr Marco RielloAPM A6(7)64610mrielloPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Guy RixonObs O31(3)37528gtrPostdoctoral Researcher
- Laura RogersObs O35(3)37091lr439Graduate Student
Dr Alberto RoraiKAVLI K30(7)46433aroraiPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Giovanni RosottiHoyle H21(7)60799rosottiPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Helen RussellHoyle H54(7)65848hrr27Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Jason SandersHoyle H33(3)37542jlsPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Das SaptarshiKavli K32(7)46435sd731@mraoCavendish Astrophysics
Mr David SavidgeHoyle H04(7)66644dsavidgeSupport Staff
- Anna Lidewij SchooneveldHoyle H29(7)66645als97Graduate Student
Prof Michael SharaHoyle H11(3)37508mshara@amnh.orgVisitors
Dr Sijing ShenKAVLI K16(7)66651shensPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Sonali ShuklaObs O10(3)39279sshuklaSupport Staff
Dr Debora SijackiKAVLI K17(7)66642deborasAcademic Staff
Miss Amanda SmithObs O3(3)37545ajsSupport Staff
- Matthew Carey SmithHoyle H26(3)37511mcs91Graduate Student
- Bjoern SoergelKAVLI K14(7)60796bs538Graduate Student
Mr Frank SuessObs O24(3)37148ffsPostdoctoral Researcher
As Prof Takayuki TamuraHoyle H53(3)30895tamura.takayuki@Visitors
Dr Marco TazzariHoyle H32(3)37551mtazzariPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Roberto TerlevichObs O32(3)30894rjtEmeritus Staff
- Scott ThomasHoyle H26(3)37511swt30Graduate Student
- Gabriel TorrealbaObs O18(3)37535git21Graduate Student
Prof Christopher A ToutHoyle H61(3)37502catAcademic Staff
Dr Amaury TriaudObs O16(7)66690aht34Research Fellow
Dr Floor van LeeuwenObs O28(7)66654fvlResearch Fellow
Mrs Malgorzata van LeeuwenObs O24(7)66624mvlSupport Staff
Dr Rik van LieshoutHoyle H23(7)66095lieshoutPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Ranjan VasudevanHoyle H55(7)60792ranjanPostdoctoral Researcher
- Alexander Von BoetticherObs O18(3)37535av478@mraoGraduate Student
Prof Ted von HippelHoyle H12(7)66680-Visitors
Dr Dom WaltonHoyle H51(7)60793dwaltonResearch Fellow
Dr Nicholas WaltonHoyle H37(3)37503nawResearch Fellow
- Lewis WeinbergerObs O27(3)37540lhw28Graduate Student
- Clare Frances WethersHoyle H26(3)37511cfw36Graduate Student
- Angus WilliamsHoyle H26(3)37511aamw3Graduate Student
Dr Roderick V WillstropObs O21(3)37536rvwEmeritus Staff
- Andrew WinterObs O35(3)37093ajw278Graduate Student
Mrs Beverley WoolstonHoyle Reception(3)37548receptSupport Staff
Dr Clare WorleyHoyle H24(7)66667ccworleyPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Mark WyattHoyle H38(3)37517wyattAcademic Staff
- Ben YelvertonObs O14(3)37531bmy21Graduate Student
Mr Abdullah YoldasObs O34(3)39278ayPostdoctoral Researcher
- Inigo Zubeldia LafuenteObs O17(3)37534iz221Graduate Student
Dr Anna N ZytkowObs O32(3)30894anzEmeritus Staff