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Dr Jonathan Gair


Office: Hoyle H63
Office Tel: (01223) 339071
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lI lead a group at the Institute of Astronomy working on gravitational physics, with a particular focus on thoeretical work connected to gravitational wave detection. An international array of ground-based interferometers are currently operating which are expected to soon make the first direct detections of gravitational waves in the 10-1000Hz band. Detections of nanohertz and milihertz gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays and space-based interferometers will follow in the coming decades. A great deal of theoretical work is required to support these experimental efforts and this is the primary focus of the work in our group. We have ongoing projects in mathematical modelling of gravitational wave souces, in the development of statistical techniques for the analysis of the complex data sets produced by gravitational wave detectors and in understanding how future observations can best be exploited for fundamental physics, cosmology and astrophysics.

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