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I am a planetary scientist and astrophysicist who researches extrasolar planets in a wide variety of contexts.  Topics I have explored include planet detections, planet formation, planet death, free-floating planets, planets in binary star systems, and planets in different parts of the Milky Way galaxy.  My current research focus aims to answer some of the biggest mysteries regarding the fate of extrasolar planets and how they can "pollute" very old stars known as white dwarfs.

Selected papers

-- Veras, D., Mustill, A.J., Bonsor, A., Wyatt, M.C., 2013. "Simulations of Two-planet Systems Through All Phases of Stellar Evolution: Implications for the Instability Boundary and White Dwarf Pollution", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, In Press.

-- Voyatzis, G., Hadjidemetriou, J.D., Veras, D., Varvoglis, H., 2013. "Multi-Planet Destabilisation and Escape in Post-Main Sequence Systems", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 430, pp. 3383-3396.  

-- Veras, D., Evans, N.W., 2013. "Exoplanets Beyond the Solar Neighbourhood: Galactic Tidal Perturbations", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 430, pp. 403-415.

-- Veras, D., Evans, N.W., 2013. "Planetary Orbital Equations in Externally-Perturbed Systems: Position and Velocity-Dependent Forces", Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, 115, pp. 123-141. 

-- Veras, D., Moeckel, N., 2012. "Disrupting Primordial Planet Signatures: The Close Encounter of Two Single-Planet Exosystems in the Galactic Disc", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 425, pp. 680-700.  

-- Veras, D., Tout, C.A., 2012. "The Great Escape II: Exoplanet Ejection from Dying Multiple Star Systems", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 422, pp. 1648-1664.  

-- Veras, D., Raymond, S.N., 2012. "Planet-Planet Scattering Alone Cannot Explain the Free-Floating Planet Population", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters, 421, pp. 117-121.  

-- Veras, D., Wyatt, M.C., 2012. "The Solar System's Post-Main Sequence Escape Boundary", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 421, pp. 2969-2981.  

-- Veras, D., Ford, E.B., 2012. "Identifying Non-resonant Kepler Planetary Systems", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters, 420, pp. L23-L27.  

-- Moeckel, N., Veras, D., 2012. "Exoplanets Bouncing Between Binary Stars", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 422, pp. 831-840.  

-- Rein, H., Payne, M.J., Veras, D., Ford, E.B. 2012. "Traditional Scenarios Fail to Explain 4:3 Mean Motion Resonances", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, In Press.  

-- Veras, D., Wyatt, M.C., Mustill, A.J., Bonsor, A., Eldridge, J.J., 2011. "The Great Escape: How Exoplanets and Smaller Bodies Desert Dying Stars", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 417, pp. 2104-2123.   ADS Article of the Day on Aug. 30, 2011  

-- Veras, D., Ford, E.B., Payne, M.J., 2011. "Quantifying the Challenges of Detecting Unseen Planetary Companions with Transit Timing Variations", Astrophysical Journal, 727, pp. 74-97.  

-- Wright, J.T., Veras, D., Ford, E.B., Johnson, J.A., Marcy, G.W., Howard, A.W., Isaacson, H., Fischer, D.A., Spronk, J., Anderson, J., Valenti, J., 2011. "The California Planet Survey III. A Possible 2:1 Resonance in the Exoplanetary Triple System HD 37124", Astrophysical Journal, 730, pp. 93-102.  

-- Ford, E., Moorhead, A., Veras, D., 2011. "A Bayesian Surrogate Model for Rapid Time Series Analysis and Application to Exoplanet Observations", Bayesian Analysis, 6, pp. 475-500  

-- Veras, D., Ford, E.B., 2010. "Secular Orbital Dynamics of Hierarchical Two Planet Systems", Astrophysical Journal, 715, pp. 803-822. Online Tables are here    

-- Payne, M.J., Ford, E.B., Veras, D. 2010. "Transit Timing Variations for Inclined and Retrograde Exoplanetary Systems", Astrophysical Journal Letters, 712, pp. L86-L92.  

-- Veras, D., Crepp, J.R., Ford, E.B., 2009. "Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU", Astrophysical Journal, 696, pp. 1600-1611.  

-- Veras, D., Ford, E.B., 2009. "Secular Evolution of HD 12661: a System Caught at an Unlikely Time", Astrophysical Journal Letters, 690, pp. L1-L4.  

-- Dodson-Robinson, S.E., Veras, D., Ford, E.B., Beichman, C.A., 2009. "The Formation Mechanisms of Gas Giants on Wide Orbits" , Astrophysical Journal, 707, pp. 79-88.  

-- Raymond, S.N., Barnes, R., Veras, D., Armitage, P.J., Gorelick, N., Greenberg, R., 2009. "Planet-planet Scattering Leads to Tightly Packed Planetary Systems", Astrophysical Journal Letters, 696, pp. L98-L101.  

-- Wright, J.T., Fischer, D.A., Ford, E.B., Veras, D., Wang, J., Henry, G.W., Marcy, G.W., Howard, A.W., Asher, J., 2009. "A Third Planet Orbiting HIP 14810", Astrophysical Journal Letters, 699, pp. L97-L101.  

-- Ford, E.B., Quinn, S.N., Veras, D., 2008. "Characterizing the Orbital Eccentricities of Transiting Extrasolar Planets with Photometric Observations", Astrophysical Journal, 678, pp. 1407-1418.  

-- Veras, D., 2007. "A Resonant Term-Based-Model Including a Nascent Disk, Precession, and Oblateness: Application to GJ 876", Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, 99, pp. 197-243.  

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-- Veras, D., Armitage P.J., 2004. "Outward migration of extrasolar planets to large orbital radii", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 347, pp. 613-624.  

-- Asghari, N., et al. 2004. "Stability of terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of Gl 777 A, HD 72659, Gl 614, 47 Uma and HD 4208", Astronomy and Astrophysics, 426, pp. 353-365. 


I attained my undergraduate degree at Yale University and I conducted my graduate research in the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder with Philip J. Armitage.  Subsequently, I was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Florida, and worked with Eric B. Ford on the dynamics and evolution of planetary systems.

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