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Mr Christopher Crowe


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Office: Kavli K26
Office Tel: (01223) 760797
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Research Themes: Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Research Keywords: Cosmology



I'm interested in the relic radiation from the early universe, the CMB.  I try to separate out the intrinsic background signal from the galactic and intergalactic foregrounds by using numerical simulations.  This is important for the Planck mission as signatures of inflation may lay buried beneath a thick layer of foregrounds, lmiting our ability to extract a cosmological B-mode polarisation signature, which would be a strong piece of evidence in favour of inflation.


2009-?        STFC Doctoral candidate

2008-2009 Part III Mathematics (now called MMath), Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

2004-2008 MSci (Hons) Physics and Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Nottingha

Awards and Prizes

2008 - The Salmon Prize for outstanding project work in physics

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