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Office: Obs O14
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Together with my supervisor, Ian McCarthy, I am investigating a number of fundamental questions related to galaxy groups and clusters from a theoretical perspective. How accurate are weak lensing measurements of cluster masses and concentrations? What is the effect of the ICM on galaxies? Why are galaxies in the far outskirts of groups and clusters different from those in the field? These questions are addressed through detailed analyses of large cosmological simulations. At the moment, most of this work uses the hydrodynamic GIMIC simulation suite, but I have also worked on the Dark Matter only Millennium Simulation before.

Selected papers

Yannick M. Bahé, Ian G. McCarthy, Michael L. Balogh, and Andreea S. Font (2013, MNRAS, Vol. 430, Issue 4, pp. 3017 - 3031):

Why does the environmental influence on group and cluster galaxies extend beyond the virial radius?


Yannick M. Bahé, Ian G. McCarthy, Robert A. Crain, and Tom Theuns (2012, MNRAS, Vol. 424, Issue 2, pp. 1179 - 1186):

The competition between confinement and ram pressure and its implications for galaxies in groups and clusters


Yannick M. Bahé, Ian G. McCarthy, and Lindsay J. King (2012, MNRAS, Vol. 421, Issue 2, pp. 1073 - 1088):

Mock weak lensing analysis of simulated galaxy clusters: bias and scatter in mass and concentration


2009 - present: PhD student at the Institute of Astronomy and Christ's College, Cambridge

2005 - 2009: Undergraduate student (Natural Sciences / Astrophysics) at Homerton College, Cambridge

Awards and Prizes

2009: STFC PhD studentship

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