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Office: KAVLI K26
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I am interested in observationally driven cosmology, in particular in the cosmic microwave background and cosmic shear surveys. My work so far has focussed on the combination of CMB weak lensing with other probes of large scale structure: by combining surveys either directly through cross-correlations or indirectly such as through delensing or including constraints we have the potential to better understand the cosmology and systematics underlying these surveys. 

Selected papers

A first demonstration of CMB delensing using the cosmic infrared background

Intrinsic alignment contamination to CMB lensing-galaxy weak lensing correlations from tidal torquing

Cross-correlation of gravitational lensing from DES Science Verification data with SPT and Planck lensing


2013 - present: PhD in Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2011 - 2012: BSc(Hons) in Physics, University of Auckland

2009 - 2011: BSc in Physics, University of Auckland

Awards and Prizes

Cambridge-Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarship

University of Auckand Honours scholarship

University of Auckland Undergraduate scholarship

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