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Dr Hardip Sanghera


Office: KAVLI K3
Office Tel: 46428
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Research Themes: Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei

Research Keywords: Radio


Hardip Sanghera obtained his Ph.D. from the Jodrell Bank Observatory, near Manchester, studying a population of potentially young radio sources in radio loud active galaxies. The work required high resolution imaging which was obtained by using such instruments as MERLIN and VLBI (continental and global networks of telescopes) in the radio, and HST in the optical. Following his doctorate, he spent a number of years working at the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, in the Netherlands, before moving to Cambridge, where he is currently located. He worked for a number of years supporting the computing infrastructure for the single largest astronomical community in the UK, but is currently working for the Cambridge Planck Analysis Centre (CPAC), based in the Kavli Institute for Cosmology Cambridge (KICC), supporting the ESA space-based Planck observatory, which has recently completed mapping of the cosmic microwave background associated with the early Universe. In addition he manages the website for his host institute, KICC, become involved with teaching astronomy and physics at the Institute of Continuing Education in Cambridge, and is increasingly involved with outreach events hosted locally.


Ph.D. in Radio Astronomy.

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