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Office: Hoyle H47
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My main focus is near-field cosmology. This is the use of precision studies of kinematics, dynamics, stellar populations, chemical abundances, ... for the oldest systems in the local universe to deduce the fundamental properties of structure formation and the nature of dark matter in the early Universe. Current survey and 8-m telescopes are superb for this. In the near term (launch 2013) the ESA satellite Gaia will revolutionise this field - and many others.


Ph D in New Zealand, 5 years (1979-1984) at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, since then at IoA Cambridge. Current position: Professor of Experimental Philosophy. Additionally, Scientific Coordinator of Opticon, the EC Optical Infrared Coordination Committee for Astronomy, UK PI of the Gaia data processing consortium.


PhD; ScD; F Inst Physics.

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Member, Academia Europaea.

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