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Office: Obs O16
Office Tel: (01223) 766690
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Amaury is a Kavli Institute fellow in exoplanets. A regular visitor to observatories in the Atacama desert, he is the discoverer of over one hundred planets. He now searches for planets the same size and the same temperature as the Earth and aims to find out if life emerged elsewhere in the Universe.


2015 Kavli Institute fellow, University of Cambridge, UK

2014 CPS fellow, University of Toronto, Canada

2013 Advanced Swiss Postdoctoral Fellow, at MIT, USA

2012 Early Swiss Postdoctoral Fellow, at MIT, USA

2011 PhD Université de Genève, Switzerland

2007 MPhys University of St Andrews, Scotland

Awards and Prizes

2014 MERAC prize for best doctoral thesis in Observational Astronomy, defended in Europe in the years 2011 2012 and 2013. Delivered by the European Astronomical Society.

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