Institute of Astronomy


Jules Carret 'Sur les causes du deplacement polaire' (1878)
Offprint with MS note by Charles Darwin.
R.c.1473 DSpace

Letter from builders to G.H. Darwin found in offprint Rc.1492

Letter from G.H. Darwin to R.S. Ball found in offprint R.d.75  DSpace

Copies of selected Eddington Manuscripts, c.1898-1933

Letter from Sir David Gill to F.J.M. Stratton, 26 February 1913, found R.b.153  DSpace

Revd. Henry Cooper Key (died 1879)
Observations in London by H.C. Key, 1837. Notebook covers period 1837-1873 Fully bound in leather (worn) with metal clasp, 155x103mm. Aprox. 100 pages inc. covers. Weight 190g.

Hugh Frank Newall (1857-1944)  Observations with 25 inch Refractor (1894-95) HIN533 DSpace 


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