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Published on 04/01/2012 

These new books will be on display through the month of January in the Hoyle building library area.  There is a clipboard underneatrh the display so you can reserve books.


Christmas and New Year Closure

Published on 19/12/2011 

The Library will close from the afternoon of Friday 23 December 2012 until 09.00 on Tuesday 3 January 2012.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Victorian-era telescope dome demolished in 1957

Published on 07/12/2011 

We have just today saved into our digital repository DSpace a scan showing the demolition of the Newall dome at the Cambridge Observatory in 1957. The dome was designed by a wealthy engineer Robert Stirling Newall (1812-1889) for his great refractor of 25inches by Thomas Cooke. At the time it was the largest telescope of its type in the world.  The dome was desgned to be prefabricated and was orginally used to house the telescope on Newall's estate, 'Ferndene' in Gateshead being set up around 1871. It was transferred with the telescope to Cambridge in 1889. By the 1950's the dome was in a poor condition and it was not taken when the telescope itself was transferred to Athens where it survives in a new dome.  Click here to see the colour image.

Amazing access to Newton's manuscripts

Published on 02/12/2011 

Cambridge Digital Library has made available online some of Isaac Newton's original notebooks.  The imaging facilities and transcriptions give a real feel for the originals and make them available to the world.  Click here to see for yourself!


Published on 28/11/2011 

The following new books will be on display in the Hoyle building library area in December.  There is a clipboard underneath the display where you can reserve books

Quantum cosmology: a fundamental description of the Universe / Martin Bojowald  New York: Springer, 2011  ISBN 9781441982759  (136/BOJ)

The Archaeology of our site

Published on 24/11/2011 

An article has recently been published in Antiquity which covers the archaeology of our site.  It was based on a dig made of the site of the Kavli building before building began.  The article also uses some photographs from the IoA Library DSpace collection.  The article can be found by clicking here.

Follow events at the IoA on Twitter

Published on 15/11/2011 

You can now follow events in the IoA public outreach programme on Twitter.  Find out who's giving this weeks talk and what its on; find out if observing will be going ahead and what will be our targets?  Click here to find us on Twitter.

New Books for November

Published on 31/10/2011 

The following new books will be on display in the Hoyle building library area for the month of November.  If you are interested in reserving any book, please put your details onto the clipboard underneath the display.


Neptune display at CAA Star Party

Published on 19/10/2011 

This years Cambridge Astronomical Association (CAA) Star Party on Friday 28 October will have a Neptune theme

At the event the IoA Library will be mounting a small display of books and pictures to commemorate the 1st Year of Neptune since its discovery in 1846 and near-discovery in Cambridge!

More details: click here




New Books for October

Published on 26/09/2011 

The following new books will be put on display in the Hoyle Building library area at the start of October.   If you would like to request any of these books, please write your name on the clipboard underneath the display and the book will be supplied to you at the end of the month.