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The Planet-Disc Connection Conference Proceedings: Talks

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Monday 17th July
Session: Disc lifetime as function of stellar mass and environment
ChairD Hollenbach
A NattaArcetriReview Accretion and the history of disks (892KB)
L HartmannUniversity of MichiganReview Disc lifetimes as a function of environment and stellar mass (1.6MB)
R L AkesonMichelson Science Center, Caltec Studying inner disk properties with infrared interferometry (2.4MB)
J A EisnerUC BerkeleyProbing Sub-AU Radii of Young Circumstellar Disks (2.6MB)
I PascucciSteward Observatory, Univ. of ArizonaGas in Disks around Sun-like Stars : Results from the FEPS Spitzer Legacy Program (2.0MB)
Session: Clues to disc clearing from Spectral Energy Distributions
ChairL Hartmann
K WoodSt Andrews UniversityReview Clues to disc clearing from Spectral Energy Distributions (1.6MB)
N CalvetUniversity of MichiganReview Protoplanetary disk evolution and clearing (584KB)
A ScholzUniversity of Toronto The Dusty Disks of Young Brown Dwarfs: New Results from Spitzer and IRAM (1.8MB)
J MuzerolleUniversity of Arizona Transition Disks from a Spitzer Imaging Survey of Young Clusters 1.9MB)
Tuesday 18th July
Session: Disc dispersal mechanisms
ChairC J Clarke
D HollenbachNASA Ames research CenterReview Disk Dispersal Mechanisms (11MB)
R D AlexanderJILA, University of ColoradoReview Dynamic models of disc clearing (1.6MB)
H NomuraKobe University Dust evolution in photoevaporating protoplanetary disks (337KB)
S FromangDAMTP, University of CambridgeDust settling in turbulent protoplanetary discs (3.76MB)
N TurnerJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Inst of TechGrain Settling and Mixing in MRI Turbulence (932KB)
Session: Disc mineralogy as diagnostic of grain growth
ChairJ E Pringle
J BouwmanMPIA HeidelbergReview Disc mineralogy as diagnostic of grain growth (2.5MB)
D ApaiSteward Observatory, Univ. of Arizona / NASAThe first steps toward planetesimal formation in brown dwarf disks: Implications on protoplanetary disks (4.1MB)
Wednesday 19th July
Session: Planet formation in evolving discs
ChairS Wolf
D. LinUC, Santa CruzReview The early stages of planet formation in evolving discs (7.4MB)
P J ArmitageUniversity of Colorado, BoulderReview The secular evolution of discs and the formation of planets (1.6MB)
W K M RiceInstitute for Astronomy, University of EdinburghPlanetesimal formation in self-gravitating protoplanetary discs (22MB)
L M MayerETH Zurich New results on gravitationally unstable disks and giant planet formation with both SPH and AMR simulations (1.46MB)
Y AlibertPhysikalisches Institut, University of BernExtended core accretion models of planet formation (3.2MB)
Thursday 20th July
Session: Planet-disc interaction and migration
ChairD Lin
R NelsonQueen Mary, University of LondonReview The role of migration in the formation of planets (2.5MB)
W KleyUniversity of TuebingenResonances and Scattering in Planetary Systems (2.0MB)
H H KlahrMax-Planck-Institut fuer AstronomieHot blobs around nascent planets: Influence on migration and observability (5.1MB)
Session: Prospects for detection of protoplanets
ChairE van Dishoeck
S WolfMax Planck Institute for AstronomyReview Prospects for detection of protoplanets (5.4MB)
F MalbetLAOG, Observatoire de Grenoble Review The detection of planets in discs through IR interferometry (2.3MB)
J IrwinIoA, University of CambridgeThe Monitor project: searching for transits in young open clusters 3.7MB)
B AckeInstituut voor Sterrenkunde, KU LeuvenA giant planet orbiting the Herbig Be star HD 100546? Unexpected evidence from the [O I] 6300A emission line. (956KB)
S MohantyHarvard-Smithsonian Ctr for AstrophysicsAn Edge-On Disk around the Planetary-Mass Companion (2.0MB)
Friday 21st July
Session: Debris discs (evolution)
ChairJ S Greaves
M R MeyerSteward ObservatoryReview Evolution of debris disks: observational constraints (2.4MB)
S J KenyonSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryReview Evolution of debris disks: theory (2.52MB)
E F van DishoeckLeiden Observatory Spitzer spectroscopy of transitional disks in the c2d legacy survey (6.1MB)
C H ChenNOAOSpitzer IRS Spectroscopy of IRAS-Discovered Debris (1.3MB)
A Moro-MartinPrinceton UniversityInfrared Excesses Around Stars Harboring Radial Velocity Planets. Results from the Spitzer Legacy Survey FEPS (2.5MB)
Session: Debris discs (structure)
ChairM R Meyer
J S GreavesUniversity of St AndrewsReview Observations of structure in debris disks (2.4MB)
M C WyattIoA, University of CambridgeReview Theoretical modelling of debris disc structure (1.8MB)
P KalasUC Berkeley Evidence for planetary systems in debris disks imaged with Hubble and with adaptive optics (3.1MB)
O AbsilUniversité de LiègeA first insight on the Vega inner debris disk with the CHARA/FLUOR interferometer (2.3MB)
A V KrivovAstrophysical Inst, Friedrich Schiller Univ JenaTwo scenarios of Structure Formation in Debris Disks (1.4MB)