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Athena SWAN and Juno Schemes (page under construction)

At the IoA, we are very serious about promoting equality and diversity in our working environment. As part of this we follow the principles of the Athena SWAN program and the Institute of Physics' Project Juno. Recently we achieved Juno Practitioner status and we received an Athena SWAN bronze award. Below you can find more information about what we are doing to improve and sustain a workplace in which everyone can thrive.

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Diversity at the IoA

At the IoA we are proud to support people from all backgrounds and genders. Here are the experiences of some of our staff and students.

Firstname Surname, Professor of Astrophysics: [experience of the IoA]

Firstname Surname, Postdoc.: [experience of the IoA]

Firstname Surname, Ph.D. student.: [experience of the IoA]



Our Action Plan

​Our action plan is motivated by the responses to a questionnaire we sent to all staff and students in October/November 2016. Click here for a summary of the survey results.

Our full action plan can be found here.


Meet the IoA's Self-Assessment Team

[details of the SAT]


IoA in the Public Eye

The IoA aim​s to inspire members of the public from all backgrounds through our impressive outreach programme. We host both public observing nights and community group/school visits.



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